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Name Kelle'tha

Ary Endleg

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Out of all the names in the game, name Kelle'tha itself is the most special and exotic. It is different from all the others in a sense that it isn't understood. Every name of scene in the game is simply explained, it's meaning can be found directly in scene or backtracked and there is no other name that isn't made out of english words or near english words. Sometimes they have latin roots and word is twisted a bit or added like in Necrovion and sometimes it could come from romanian I guess but ain't sure (can't think of scene name but creature grasan is an example). There are some rare examples of player names used to name a scene like Alche and Awiiya. Quite a few names can be backtracked from "ancient lore" which are carefully picked to allow them double meaning such as Wasp, Raven, Wind and Willow as well as story chosen which is Marind.


Name Kelle'tha is strongly associated with Golemus, most important locations in there carry that name. Only other fully original name in whole game that I can think of is Fenth, lucky it is somewhat explained I think, although I can't find what is the origin and meaning of Fenth at least we know what it represents as physically and ideologically.


As for Kelle'tha, I wonder what is the origin of the name, how it came to be? What meaning does it bear or what does it symbolizes? what idea does it represents? Does it only physically represent the (new) mountain? Does genesis hold the key to it's meaning?


Or will we be just stubbornly stick to the "it's name of mountain end of the story" and never look back at it with clear mind?

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Wow!  What a great Question.  Are there any theories Out there? 


I heard the name Kelle before... It's Irish though not very common. Found this on a Google search:   Kelle \k(el)-le\ is a boy's name meaning "slender" and is a variant of Kellen (Gaelic): an ancient given name.


could the name have some reference to a "slender" Mountain? 

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