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The Plains of Hell


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This was set up by Ladytwin (tara) and was dissolved later when she left. Anyway I have taken the faction and put a bit of a different pace and spin on it. You know make it my own and stuff like that. Anyways I have worked out a rough frame work right now and ill be doing some more work on it Friday (and tomorrow it time allows). It's mostly spelling, grammar and a little more fleshing out and cutting down I want to do before I actually say its finished and date it when the faction was truly rebuilt.


At this time however this is whats available as things evolve ill update this and it is officially open for new members. I will be idle on Berserker’s Way for the next 6 hours to see the whole document how it stands at this moment (in military and beliefs doc) and ill try to refresh my idle status when I get up tomorrow morning before I go to work. If you are interested PM me here or in game and post below. Posting below will get quickly get my attention.


The State Today

The Plains of Hell Faction has changed from its past. As the realm has evolved the Plains of Hell Faction has had to as well because an organism will not survive a changing unless it finds a new way to survive. So to must this Faction evolve to survive. There are new requirements for recruitment new rituals rules and initiations that members must endure to show devotion, will and, strength. Previous members may reapply and skip these steps. Your devotion to the faction prior to today is not unrewarded. I trust you enough to come without penalty. New initiates will have it much more difficult. The question you may ask is it worth it and if you do than you are not one of us and you need not apply.

The Big Difference

In the past the Plains of Hell Faction was a Faction but the Plains of Hell is more of a religion than before. The main difference between factions and religion are variable but it is important to understand how this is different. First of all when you adopt a religion you can only adopt one religion and renounce the other. This is sort of important because most people in MD are bound to the Church of Mur. The Church of Mur has less nefarious properties than here but they have there grey areas as well. It is also important to realize that where a faction is a group of people recruited people of a religion are converted. What that means is yes I can invite you to become a convert and yes you can join but there is more of a process. That will be covered later.

To Join the Plains of Hell

As with any religion there is a long list of rules but since we have only been around for less than a year they are a bit shorter. In order to join you must:
-Either be a demon or some variant of and/or have the intention to wreck Havoc.
-Contact the  Plains leader or Plains Walker and have them say its O.K. (it may take a few days before you are added to the list)
- Attend at least one of the weekly meeting once month unless you have other plans at that time.
-Attend a meeting after your first 30 days as an Initiate (we will deciding weather you can participate in the ceremony to become a full Convert.)
-Post this somewhere in your docs it does not really matter where.

Conversion Ceremony

O.K. please understand this stuff is sort of under the radar stuff and only Converts are allowed to know what really happens during this. In order for this to work though I do need to reveal some things though. O.K. first off and foremost. The ceremony will start on the last day of the month every month and you must be an initiate for at 30 days to preform it that means you could be waiting up to 59 days just to even be able to actually become a convert and the Plains Leader and the Plains Walkers have to O.K. you with a 75% confidence vote at least (I am saying is it could be a long time) but if you show up to meetings and express an interest in becoming a convert you will eventually be invited to go through your ceremony. Before your ceremony you can choose to do some prep work before you actually do.
The Ceremony involves two parts the first is the river and the second is the turn. The River part will be easier if you have sponsors. The sponsors can include members from the Plains of Hell including Converts, Plains Walkers, the Plains Leader and other Initiates who have been cleared for conversion at your ceremony time. The Turn however must include a Plains Leader and/or a Plains Walker in order to Complete.
Sponsors and everything else will become apparent later when you are cleared and you are briefed on the process.


Leaving may make you are target of other people in the Plains of Hell. If you leave as an initiate you will be left alone about as much as anybody else but as you get deeper in you may see some demons literally niping at your heels and watching. When you leave our ceremonies are still secret and we want it to remain that way if you spill any secrets even the small ones things can and will get very uncomfortable to you very quickly. If you are going to share any secrets while you were in the Plains of Hell you better hope we don't find out. I warn you that demons do have some special powers that can find out where ever you are at any time of day or night.

Plains Leader: Kamisha
Plains Walker: (empty)
Convert: (empty)
Initiate: (empty)

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