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WTB Rustgold


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Aged some is required. I'm only looking for one now since I bought an aged one already. (I can get a fresh one myself). 


I have:


Gold coin (1)

Silver coin (78)

9 Memory stone

3 Sawdust

519 Branches

115 Flowers

264 Aromatic herbs

31 Cup of Cold Tea

78 Unidentified plants

2 Water

2 Sticky Goop

385 Tea leaves

5 Timeless dust

Bushies (4)

50 Rainwater

3 Fenths

20 Wiiya

Weaken stone

Locate stone (12)

Movelock stone

Otherarmy stone (2)

Heat stone (21)

Invisibility stone

Prot Freeze stone

Prot Attack stone (2)

Prot Defence stone

Prot Heal stone

Prot Movelock stone

Prot Nomulti stone

Prot Bringin stone

BMMO Silver Gift (3)

8th Anniversary Piece of cake

BMMO Bronze Gift

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