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The Ghost of Fortune

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Ghost of fortune


A ghost said to have died with 

inconceivable wealth. Prove your

worth and she may just impart

some of that wealth upon you...




You awake to find a young girl talking to, what seems to be, empty air.


You look around, confused, wondering how you got here. Where even is "here"?

You stand up, brush yourself off and make your way towards the girl, looking around the area with confused eyes.


As you walk closer towards the girl you realise there is a faint mist in the air before her. 

Intrigued, you step a little closer, now only a few feet away. With bewildered eyes, you realise that she wasn't talking to the air after all! For before her...is a woman. 


You scratch your head with confusion, Only seconds ago there was no one there. But now? Well now there, although a little hazy, stands a woman. You snap out of your confusion as your hear their voices, talking to one another:


"So...what exactly is a "Ghost of fortune" and how do you "prove your worth"? I mean...who are you to even judge my worth?!"


"Well, my dear. I am a ghost... one that brings fortune."


You hear her let out a little soothing laugh and the girl speaks with annoyance.


"Be serious! Don't treat me like a child!"


The woman chuckles


" I watch, I learn and I set goals in my mind, for those I see potential in. If I feel they complete said goal...I reward them."


She smiles,


"You ask who am I to judge them? I am no one but myself.Which is why I do not force my views upon others, nor do I expect them to feel the same way as I do.

As an individual I may judge someone how I see fit."


"We all do this, every day of our lives. You, myself...that person there..."


You look behind you as she gestures your way. 

Seeing no one there you suddenly realise she was pointing at you, your cheeks becoming crimson as you realise.


The woman continues.


"We judge others and choose how we act towards them upon those judgements. The only difference to what I do is that I reward them when they meet or surpass the goal I set for them; whether they know what the goal is or not."


The girl stands up, firmly grasping a teddy in one hand.


"But that doesn't help me! If I want something then what do need to do?! Why can't you just give me something if you've got so much?!"


You see the ghostly woman shake her head.


"Some times you must find out your own wishes before you can hope for them to come true."


You watch as the woman holds out her hands, mist from her form slowly reaching out towards them.

A few seconds later the mist settles and you see a thick tome held open before her.


"Although, with that said, not all wishes are made to come true..."


The woman strokes the pages of the books before looking at the girl once more.


"But you said you were going to give me a gift?!"


The little girl shouts indignantly. 


"Life is the only gift you need. Cling to it and do not let it go. For when it's gone...you will not realise what you have lost."


You hear the girl begin her protest but, before a full word leaves her lips, tendrils of mist fly from the open tome.

Your eyes widen in horror as you watch them pierce into the girls chest. Without hesitation you run forward, arms reached out to try and save the child but, before you can reach her, there is a blinding flash of light! 



Blinded you yelp, covering your eyes to try and protect them.


Seconds pass before the light dies down. Cautiously you move your arms a little and open your eyes.

Realising the light has faded completely you put your arms back down by your side and look around the area for the girl, but she's no where to be seen?


That's when you hear the voice behind you...


"Hello dear."


You turn around to see the ghostly woman stood before you.


"Welcome to what some call 'Limbo'."


Your eyes widen again and she grins,


"It's time to get you home."




Edit: Forgot about the "RP" rules on forum. Shall edit when I have time, to abide this rule.

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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