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Zero gains?


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I finished story first time and then i restarted cause i messed it all up :(

And i cant recall is getting for instance energy imunity increase by zero normal? IT happened 3 times that i got zero stats... Why would they be there if they are zero? :)

Anyone else got same?

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Hmm.. I don't remember if all of the skills were listed even if the gain was nothing, but it might've been. Does someone know? I can confirm it by tomorrow at the latest.

It is normal, however, for some skills not to gain anything.. the bonuses vary based on the choice you make. Do you get a bonus for anything at all or just nothing? And what meditation period are you taking?

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I think it has to do with what principles you have...like there's a situation and it grants the possibility for that skill to be raised, but because of the principle you chose, it didn't get the initial move from 0, so it remained thus after the 6% multiplier... This is just a speculation I made. I'm not claiming it's true.

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