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WTB - MD Shop Roleplay Items


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as the title now doesnt quite suggest, i have a total of 41/42 of the items and im currently looking for the last one, price is always negotiable but im willing to pay 5sc for the last one, below is a list of the ones i currently have


Russian roulette jelly b 
Rose eyepatch 
Bottled ship 
Paper Crown
'Soon' note 
Drama potion 
Splash Cymbal 
Oddly Shaped Mug 
Nuts and bolts 
Yellow snow 
Luggage tag 
Santa Clause Scarecrow 
Living frog leg 
Broken string bracelet 
Jar of fly wings 
Sac of Drachorn Dung 
Wet mineral oil 
White Flag 
Heavy weight 
Boxing gloves keyring 
Fish Skeleton 
Ambiguous Lock 
Fake nails 
Snow in a Jar 
Red glass fragments 
Large empty vial 
Ambiguous Key 
Dream of better places 
Pocket watch 
Preserved white iris flo 
Huge Tomato 
Petrified seed 
Imprisoned hope 
Immobilized Tear 
Tinfoil hat 
Mini Sun Mosaic 
Petrified starfish 
Frozen rose 
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