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Total Exp?


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Okay, so following the story you get to the end and need to get 280k exp and 100 wins to advance to next stage, right? And while you're looking at the page where it tells you what you need left and tells you your Current Experience. Mine tells me I have roughly 190k current experience. However, the total experience we have is an accumulation of our creature's experience (from what I've seen and read). Thus, do to sacrificing some creatures and using healing rits that end in negative experience, I can click on my name and only see 100k exp. Which one do I need to keep a better eye out for? Or, does the xp on my name only give my current creature's exp whereas I have to look somewhere else to find my total experience? That having been said, it might not be a bug, just misreading on my part.

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There is a count of exp in the MD Shop; I thought it measures all the exp won from fights before.

However, I am a bit confused, because I think in another topic I might've read something that it was the creature exp and something combined.. which would make a loophole, as sacrificing creatures would lower that amount.

The one you see when you click your name is (I think) your creature exp.

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Well the cp registered in the MD shop isnt accurate also, and you can still gain xp once you hit 280k xp at MP3.

I had 310,000 exp when i advanced to MP4, and instantly without fighting that jumped to 330,000 ish.

There maybe a bug in were you can gain xp still after you reached your cap.

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clicking on your name on the chat bit area provides you with creature xp, to see your total xp, which is player and creature xp combined, click onto the MD shop, or if you're at the end of MP3/4 story it will also display it there.

sacrificing creatures reduces creature xp, but your player xp will likely get that amount of xp pretty quickly anyway and if you're at mp3 there's little reason to be sacrificing any of your creatures, just because it's not worth it, wait for your creatures to level up more, you get better stats that way.

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