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The way (public) item list shows


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Just a suggestion for the future if reshaping the interface ever comes on the que for projects to be focused on.



Problem: Many players acquired considerable amounts of various items, be it resources, common items, etc.

When you click on their items list, you get overwhelmed, and I believe we lost the connection between the player's character and items that should enhance the role of the player.


My suggestion to solve it: On the appearance of the items list, at the top of that side bar part you would have three small-font-written options to list rare items, resource bag, or 'other' (which would have everything else - coins, consumables, common items... etc.).

Rare items list is opened as a default page. If you have no rare items, the default page would just state "no rare items", and you would have to manually click on one of the other options to show the other lists of items. Rare option button would be greyed out.


The organization can be slightly different of course, but that's the bottom of it.

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