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10th MD Birthday: Heat War

Sasha Lilias

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So first of all a big congratulations to all participants. It took time, effort and perseverance to succeed in this quest and I think you all did amazing!


For those wondering, the participants managed to raise a staggering 4.5 Million heat in less than 24 hours! 



Here are the results:


Winning Team - Darklings


The Darklings managed to raise a whopping 520k for their heat source! They were way out in the lead from the very beginning! All thanks to the preparation, planning and team work!


Congratulations to them!



"Hottest" Player - Asthir


Showing that it doesn't matter what MP level you are or what briskness levels you have (so much) Asthir raised a huge 937k in heat, putting him above all others - but only just!


Congratulations Asthir!


Most outstanding player - Mirus


After quite some time watching them and thinking about this, I have decided that Mirus shall be the winner of this category. Although they did not give the most heat or have the most amazing strategy, they showed perseverance where many would have given up. Not only did they show perseverance but they also worked as a good member of a team - they were willing for their team to use them as the "bait" so that the others could get on and do what was needed. He literally offered to sacrifice himself for them! During all of this time, being teleported to and from places, not being able to even move due to AP costs, etc, they kept happy, laughed, had fun and smiled! Not one complaint or bad word! 


For these reasons: Congratulations Mirus!


Other winners will be announced as decided.

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Best strategist - Aeoshattr 


After thinking about this for a long time I have decided the award is to go Aeoshattr. He came up with a very good detailed plan with his team, kept the format clear so everyone understood and came up with some interesting ways to fool the other team, as well as using Nightmode.

Although the strategy did not cause them to win, it was a good one. It was more of a defensive play than that of team Darklings.




Best team player will be announced before the end of the birthday.(it's a tough one!)

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