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Need explination on honor? Dont understand.

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Im now MP4, and finding it VERY hard to gain honor.

I have 201 wins, 230 losses, but when i was MP3, normally with this ratio i would get 15-30 honor per fight, now im MP4, im finding everyone i find ( and its hard to find alot of MP4's ) always give me minus honor, from like -100 ~ -20 neally everyone.

I dont truly understand how this can be possible, can anyone explain the honor system to me if it changes from MP3 - MP4?


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you gain and lose honor based on your opponents win loss ration compared to yours

say if you have 50 more losses than wins but your opponent has 250 more losses than wins you will get negative 200 honor from fighting them ors o

and they would gain 200 or so honor from beating you

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Morgana is partially right, except that when the value is negative it is also halved, so it would be -100 honor.

The only thing that has changed is that the players in this mindpower level generally have a lot more losses than you, not the honor system itself. x) Since you're a newcomer, you probably will gain losses naturally, so don't worry too much.

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