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Word War I - Voting


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Below are the entries from the word war. 
Both public and judge opinions will be looked at when deciding the winners:

I came across a land, which this year turns 10. 
Different from the rest, to that we can attest. 
A girl with an odd temper, a cabin made of paper, 
Odd it seems, yet fun it brings! 

My first possession an armor, but not one I can wear, 
My life force is precious, though it I must share. 
Mysteries upon mysteries, where shall I start, 
Such a big world, what shall be my part? 

10 years to mark, here a poem about the start, 

Happy Birthday MD, even greater shall you be![/spoiler]


[spoiler]Ode to Entrophy

In the soil, dank and cold
Whilst footsteps echoed young and old
Above a most preposterous scene
Of birth and death and silent scream
Lay waiting there a small but fragile
Ever gentle raptured smile
Wrapped around a silent babe
Coffined up with name of Cabe
As the sun shone gleaming hot
So the senses reeled, shot
Fought the trap designed to break
Never failing, worlds at stake
Til tendrils suckled sweet from soil
Drenched in wetness after toil
Grew, and lands above were riven
Care from sun and kindness given
“Oh beautiful thing” they cooed and called
Whilst armies elsewhere softly brawled
They smiled down upon the thing
For food and healing it could bring
If held with wisdom and with guile
This Cabe could build the safest mile
For any living thing to walk
To keep them living, want for nought
Yet horned things did aid that sun
Inside he sails, filled with rum
A skull and crossbones at the helm
To govern over all the realm
“Oh! How you joyfully reside!
Within your world of sunshine hide!
I find your solace such a cheer!
My Cabe is just as loud to hear!”
Upon a bench by Marind’s way
Woefully, the scribe did stay
She scribbled all the whispers said
Not once did solace feed her head
Whilst villagers, they took their fill
And fostered growth upon their will
The little plant grew strong and tall
A stunning sight to see for all
“Murmur can’t you hear me now?
Denounce that THING for heaven’s plough!
I beg you please, just this one favour!
So ever more you’ll be our saviour!”
The scribe she pleaded, begged, and cried
She stole, she borrowed, killed, and lied
She tempted all this land’s resources
Attempting to re-seal these forces
The Murmur hummed his merry tune
“Irrelevant! And much too soon!”
He had no time for scribes and pleas
Nor prayers said on bended knees
He had far greater things to think
The horned ones boat could never sink
And anyway, it’s by design
So keep  your needles, drink your wine
You know, this land, it is divine!
A single seed is not a crime!
Denounce your quill and flee to lands
Where there are gods with lesser plans.
Within the soil, still and dank
A festered root did rise in rank
And gather armies strong and true
Intent to steal all of you
Each touch did gently, kindly flicker
Each caress, a woven wicker
Each carnaged pitted fondant mould
Did inch along and take a hold
Until the fruit upon the land
Did turn consumers in to sand
It took their hearts and all they were
As compost for the cross-boned lair
The plague it spread across the folk
Stronger still with each word spoke
It hid inside the air itself
Laid itself upon the delph
Fed they were, that much is true
But fed of greenish paled hue
It kept them living just enough
To keep the moulded roots so tough
That fettered fruit became the thing
To offer up unto the king!
Inside the sun a laugh rang out
The Murmur sent a single scout
Reported back, with saddened look.
“Don’t fret yourself, that’s by the book!
Now watch the sands, now see the sign
The glory of my grand design!”
The sands of death did feed the soil
And silence killed the birds and broil
A windswept plane of only one
A giant that plant had become
Yet on the bench still on she sat
And at the plant she surely spat
She saw no goodness in this plot
Yet in the distance came land’s lot
A seeping ebbing tide arose
That army fighting back supposed
This emptiness that had become
Could be a war that was undone
So riding back on cloven hoof
Of living things they were aloof
For blood and brawn had been their food
Hope and fear their only mood
The plant survived through hate of scribe
The spittle that kept it alive
For none were there but her, all dead
The sands had fed it, wet and red
But time had stolen all that source
And without babes it ran its course
So now it grasped at what it killed
A revolution, what it willed
The army took up residence
Changed the land beyond compare
It grew its own delighted feasts
As if the plant was never there
So what pray tell could be this tale
How did the scribe, of all, prevail?
No god would give a hand to lend
No devil made the scribe it’s friend
The girl she lives forever more
Every story kept by score
For even in the darkest night
Now knows the balance, dark and light.



Lazy old days


The wind rustles through dry festive glasses

 As the lonely fair maiden waits and sighs.

Once more, she longingly raises her eyes

The Sun setting she sees as time passes.

The light drains away like thick molasses

And the shady Silence creeps in disguise:

"Fair maiden, why do you look to the skies?"

But as the light fades, a crowd amasses.

"Let there be music and wine and more cake!"

The maiden joyfully dances around

Until she feels her dress fly up her thigh.

"Drink until you forget every last ache

And your feet have danced all over the ground!"

For ten treasured gold years have since gone by.[/spoiler]



Category: Haiku
Title: Birthday

An old cycle fades
Celebration through the lands
Time cycles anew[/spoiler]

Princ Rhaegar[spoiler]

hey hey! here's a poem, an ode to proper hygiene wench as a concept:

There's no fine wench,
covered in grassan's stench,
but gallons of booze,
help with the armpit ooze!
So drown it in your belly,
or else endure the smelly!

Water of Marind Bell,
gives a shine to every shell!
If you can't get the booze,
and must endure the ooze,
Give her a sponge,
to get ride of the grunge!



Here is a limerick:

If you remember, it was here
where we met, my cask of beer.
I kissed you deeply
I finished it quickly
and I still had energy left for one last cheer.



Voting is over and we have our winners! Entry names have been replaced with player names. 

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The winners are....


1st: Aeoshattr

2nd: Princ Rhaegar

3rd: Zleiphneir


Congratulations to the winners! It was a very close call between 1st and 2nd! All three of you did an awesome job!


Please find me in game for your rewards.

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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Very close one indeed, was 5-5 around 15h server time, and now it's 6-6 :))

I didn't write much poems or rhymes, and it's starting to be fun. It amazes me that so many people actually read all the entries (some were huge! cudos!) and gave their votes, thanks for the vote of confidence, means a lot! (mine was entry 5 obviously, MB mentioned)


Eh, never gonna grab that WP, tired of these pretty and powerful aramors... :D So many people on the highscore list in front!


Congrats Aeo and Z!

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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