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Building a Crutch

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After the mass death, Phantasm has come back without the use of his left leg. Until there can be a way found to fix it, we must come up with a contraption for his to walk with.  For this quest you must draw a crutch that can strapped to his body AND arm so that it allows him to walk.  Phantasm can be found at Path of Loneliness until the time a crutch can be created for him, since its a bit hard to walk with one leg.


It must use resources of MD only, no common items or anything else.

It must be hand drawn on a piece of paper with the signatory MD on it like always. (can be pencil,ink,crayon, etc)

It must be strapped to his leg, his torso, and his arm in a fashion so that he can move his leg without chance of falling

It must contain a detailed description of how the device works and how to fasten it to Phantasm's body

It must contain a list of the resources used and in what quantities.

Contest with be judged by 3 judges (looking for 2 other judges, please pm if you wish to be one)


The quest will begin today and run for 2 weeks.  (5-5-15 to 5-20-15)



1st place: 2 gold coins , 10 birthday cake

2nd place: 1 gold coin, 5 birthday cake

3rd place: 5 silver coin, 2 birthday cake


The winner of the drawing will then have a chance for an additional reward if it is role played being created in MD (reward to be announced after winner, but i assure you its good).  Maybe if its done well enough the gods will shine down and such an item can be created.  This is a voluntary extra to the quest, not mandatory.  I sure do love a good role play of creation of items.  Makes it seem like older days, and I tend to reward well for those feelings.

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[log= Drawing]



20 water
2 Lumber
4 Branches
15 Unidentified plants
11 resin
3 memory stone
5 sand
3 colored paper
The lumber is cut down to form two parts, one where the crutch rests under the arm and the second the foot guard.

The largest branch that can be found is hollowed out.

The unidentified plants are fermented and beaten. The fibers are extracted from the plant and weaved together to form string.
Two large memory stones are set to the side and one crushed, three pebbles are selected from the crushed one.
Three heated resin are applied to the colored paper and three sand sprinkled over the paper to make sand paper.

Cut a single vertical slit in the branch at knee height and then another at ankle height. This is where the ball joints will be added too later. Be careful not to cause horizontal cracks. Then make two slits at the base of the hollow branch going up about 4 inches.
Cut three holes all the way through into the two intact memory stones.
Soak the branch in water over night and add more as needed. When the hollow branch is flexible slowly pull the first slit with out making the slit split the entire piece. When it is wide enough push one of the memory stones into the slit with the holes facing up and down but at a slight angle where the holes can be seen.

Do the same to the slit at the ankle area.

For the two slits at the base spread it apart to where it looks like a three pronged fork.
 Let the hollow branch and stones dry.

The arm rest lumber piece is glued to the top of the hollow branch with some heated resin.
On the side of the hollow branch at about hand height, it is sanded flat. Cut three straight lines and then add notches into the lines.
Then cut the string into three long pieces. Cut one hole into each of the three memory stone pebbles. Tie one string to each pebble. The loose string slide, one through each of the groves.

Remove the knee memory stone joint, use an item and the holes to pry it out. Take one string and match up its place on the grooved panel to the hole in the stone. Do that for all three.

Do the same for the ankle joint.
The string closest to the front is glued with resin to the front base split. The string the back is glued with resin to the back base split.

The center string is glued into the center hole of the ankle joint.
Then the lumber foot guard is glued to all three prongs at the base of the hollow branch.

The front stone knob on the panel can be adjusted to make the toes of the foot lift. Pull too much and you could fall or just hop around on the heel of your foot.

The back stone knob on the panel helps to balance the weight on the foot.

The center stone knob on the panel pulls the leg up off the ground. Sliding the knob down on the panel will let the foot fall.

Now... for how it is attached. Hmm.... I have a more permanent solution.

With the remaining branches, spikes are cut and glued with resin to the side of the crutch. The spikes will hold the crutch... close to the body.... permanently.

Or if you prefer the pain free method... make up some more string and tie yourself to the crutch.

But if I make the crutch... I may not have enough string to secure the crutch to you with that method.

-Assira the Black

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Apprentice's Lumber Saw
Bark Cutting Knife
Sticky Goop
memory stone
apprentice axe


cutting lumber using apprentice lumber saw . Cut into 4 lumbers
Cutting branches using apprentice axe. Cut into 1 branches

Using a bark cutting knife to make it shine and safe tye under arms and comfort to use the Crutch.

Using sticky goops to make the crutch stick point to point.

Using memory stone to make strong and ready to use.


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Due to only two submissions, instead of judges, I think Assira has won this contest. My favor for things of death and pain defiantly leans on the fact its permanently attached.  EE's was a great crutch with GREAT schematics. Assira will win first place, and EE will be given 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  Thank you for helping to find a crutch for Phantasm.  Now all that is left is for it to be built and put into use.  Give me a pm sometime Assira.  Come get your prizes, should be easy to find me.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Assira has attached the crutch, and Phantasm can now walk again, we think.....


She has been rewarded with my Elu, a prized possession given by one of my closest friends.  A price can not be put upon getting one's life back.  Congratulations Assira.



This quest can now be closed, thank you all who participated in it.

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