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Selling aged sharpies and a BP for 'good enough' offers.


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Selling the below for a price that I deem 'good' enough--this may be cheaper or more expensive than whatever the going price is. I highly prefer gold and silver.


ID: 649638
Age: 1087
Heat: 996720
Tokens: onyxfangs, blacktear, blackdiamonds

ID: 696617
Age: 1323
Heat: 502251
Tokens: emeraldglare, claw1, osirisbelt, jewelshards, darkshield, sunshine, goldbelt

ID: 757283
Age: 1044
Heat: 1077337
Tokens: claw1, blackdiamonds

Age: 993
Heat: 283687
Tokens: claw1, kellethafire, purpurmoon, onyxfangs, stardust

ID: 828432
Age: 156
Heat: 45743
Tokens: None


ID: 817906
Age: 519
Heat: 61963
Tokens: None

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Lania gets the untokened sharpie and BP if she wants for the 1 gold/15 silver that she offered. Valoryn gets ID 696617 for 10 silver, and powle gets 757483 for 7.


Note: Any further bids on the creatures in this post will be ignored unless the 'winners' retract their offers. There's still two sharpies left without good enough offers, however.


Edit: All creatures have good enough offers now. Will close after they're sold.

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