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Getting attacked inside Wind's Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell

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Hey all,

I was inside Wind's Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell trying to regenerate my creatures as I knew nobody could attack me. I was attacked by a player named Muloki and I lost all my vitals. How can I get attacked when I cannot attack others inside this place. This not the first time it happened to me inside this place. This is a serious bug and please make some arrangement to remedy them. :D unfair

My player name BloodPrince



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There are a few possibilities:

1) Muloki attacked you before you moved to the sanctuary, and the notification took a while to appear

2) Muloki clicked the "Attack this player for ___ honor" option before you moved and attacked you after you got into the sanctuary

3) You had a certain number of heads (over 6, or some similar value) which enables the attacking option within the sanctuary.

Was Muloki in the sanctuary at the same time as you?

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that is correct

until the contest is over and i hope it is in 24 hours if noone scores again it will be

then sanctuarys are no attacking zone again

but for now if you have 7 or more heads or are attacked before you enter a sanctuary and the thingy does have a delay to make it seem you are attacked later than you actually are then you can be attacked anywhere

if you dont have one of those 2 things then you cannot be attacked in one

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Ok, I just had the same problem. I had ZERO heads and have been in the sanctuary for over an hour. I had 8 heads yesterday but I lost all of them this morning, I had checked. I had been in the sanctuary for a while, even logged out and in several times. I was just attacked by someone named Stich and lost all my vit. I think there is a bug here somewhere.

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