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Murmas Quest - Traditions, New and Old

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Merry Murmas, people of MD!

With the holiday season upon us, I have a quest to challenge you all with. In true Archivist fashion, this is going to be one about MD's past and present, with a healthy dose of creativity.


This quest comes in two parts, and each will be scored and rewarded separately. You do not have to participate in both parts - if only one part appeals to you, feel free to only do one part!


Deadline for entries is 10th of January.

Entries should be sent via forum PM only (if sent through other means they will be disqualified).

Entries will eventually be made public (if you do not wish people to know which entry is yours that is fine).

The Old

Write about some of the events that the lands hold at this time of year, and share pictures of you being involved.

You may write entries on upto five events. These events can be traditional events the lands run every year, new events being run for the first time, or even events the lands used to run but no longer do.

Entries don't have to include the following information, but the more that you can the better your entry will be scored:

  • What is the event, how is it run, and what happens during it
  • Who was the first person to hold the event and when
  • What is a notable story about the event
  • What are your personal thoughts on the event
  • How did you get involved, or how did you learn about the event if it is no longer run

Bonus points are given if you can show yourself being involved in the events yourself, either by screenshots or chat logs. If you are writing about an event that is no longer run, logs of your conversations with people who were involved are sufficient evidence for bonus points.

The New

Describe an MD style Murmas celebration that you would like to see or be involved in. This can be done through any medium you wish - you can write a story or poem; make drawings of the event; make a cross stitch; sculpt a diorama; record a video, anything you can imagine! This section is scored on creativity and how well it fits into the world of MagicDuel.


Christmas Points

Everyone who participates in this quest will receive Christmas points depending on how well they do. You will only get points from whichever category you do best in, not both categories. Breakdown is as follows:

  • Participate: 1 point
  • Third Place: 2 points
  • Second Place: 3 Points
  • First Place: 4 Points

Prizes - The Old
If we get less than ten entries:

  1.  - Rustgold Drachorn
  2.  - Soul Weaver
  3.  - Sharptear

If we get 10 or more entries:

  1.  - Morph or Wishpoint*
  2.  - Morph or Wishpoint* (whichever first place does not choose)
  3.  - Rustgold Drachorn and GG Drachorn

Prizes - The New

If we get less than ten entries:

  1.  - Soul Weaver
  2.  - Two Pimped Grasans
  3.  - Santa Claus Scarecrow

If we get 10 or more entries:

  1.  - Morph or Wishpoint*
  2.  - Morph or Wishpoint* (whichever first place does not choose)
  3.  - Santa


Additional sponsorship is welcome.

If you are interested in being a judge, please send me a forum pm.

* - If you win both parts of the quest, you can't choose Wishpoint twice. You can choose Morph twice if you so desire.

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Finally judging is complete and we can announce the winners!

The Old - Unfortunately we only have the one entrant for this portion of the quest, so by default they take first place.

  1. Aethon


The New - We had three entries for this category, with scores as follows:

  1. dst - 89 points
  2. Jubaris - 83 points
  3. Aethon - 81 points

Congratulations to all the entries!

Prizes are as follows:

  • Aethon: 4 Christmas Points, Rustgold Drachorn, Santa Claus Scarecrow
  • dst: 4 Christmas Points, Soul Weaver
  • Jubaris: 3 Christmas Points, Two Pimped Grasans
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