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Deranged Christmas Dinner - Voting

Deranged Dinner Voting  

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Here is the cleaned* version o the Dinner log.


[Log= Deranged Christmas Dinner]


[04/01/16 21:50] 1: stands in the corner, sparkling and glittering.


[04/01/16 21:51] 2: Ohh, here I come darlings! *brings roasted horse meat* Traditional Christmas dinner!


[04/01/16 21:52] 3: *shouts* what did you say? traditional business sinners? those darn Golemians, always greedy


[04/01/16 21:53] 4:  feels uncomfortable next to the horse meat, even annoyed


[04/01/16 21:56] 5:The plate goes in the middle. The middle. Not there. There. No. NO!!!! Yes. There.



[04/01/16 21:56] 6: (Switch - 6 = Aunty Sue5 = Greg.)



[04/01/16 21:57] 6: peers at her cutlery before taking it to the kitchen to wash them thoroughly

[04/01/16 21:59] 7: Look at all of you! I brought some chestnuts for the kids to roast and this casserole I saw the recipe for and had to try and some jingling bells for all the silverware!

[04/01/16 22:01] 8: *clears his throat and sits down in a fakely straight and poised position* Yes, yes... Now please, we must thank our LORD AND SAVIOUR Mur for this... lovely...dinner in this...lovely...abode. *prays* .

[04/01/16 22:01] 9: *having hidden a bottle of wine while others babble and hustle* Can we have a cheer for MUR?

[04/01/16 22:04] 1: madly chomps on a log while crackling.

[04/01/16 22:04] 2: Now, now dear, you know the sinners are from Loreroot! *gently slaps Pa's cheeks then ponders* Oh...Oh my! I forgot the turkey! *rushes and tips over a plate with a piece of horse meat all over Greg* ..

[04/01/16 22:06] 3::nah those are just a bunch of treehuggers together, we should build a fence around our marind bell to keep those crazy witches out, oh wait, we already did *laughs to himself.

[04/01/16 22:08] 4: hopes to see the table soon and stay in it's center

[04/01/16 22:09] 5: *Peels the horse meat off his face and throws it at the xmas tree* this blows. Can't you even WALK mother. Ugh.

[04/01/16 22:10] 6: *Returns from the Kitchen with the clean cutlery and Stares at Greg in horror* You should take a bath. I'll get the hot water and wash your clothes too. And the plate. And the Mop the floor. *sweats* .

[04/01/16 22:11] 7: Now don’t worry about yer Ma deary *licks a napkin embroidered with Santa’s face and dabs at turkey drippings* She gets that way sometimes. Never did get over the Nutcracker incident.

[04/01/16 22:15] 8: *pouts and looks around, theatrically pushing away a few bits of horse meat from his side of the table* We are thankful for this uh... feast... Lord Mur. All, dig in! This food smells acceptable.



[04/01/16 22:15] 9: (Switch - Sue =  4, Turkey = 6)



[04/01/16 22:16] 9: *having finised in the meantime one of the not hidden bottles of wine* Cheers! Can we have turkey now?

[04/01/16 22:17] 1:  looks up hungrily at the Tree next to it while cracklingly chewing on the log.

[04/01/16 22:17] 2: Oh my, oh my... *rushes back with the roasted turkey, puts it on the table, then goes to Greg with her 

napkin and almost violently starts cleaning him, making him a few accident bruises along the way*

[04/01/16 22:20] 3: *shouts* dont mind the boy, he can clean himself, although his state makes me doubt that

sometimes, get back here, your foods getting cold *annoyed points to her seat* .

[04/01/16 22:23] 4: Oh, lord, how many times did I tell you to clean properly, Ma'? Now I have to do it. *rushes to Greg, trips and falls on her knees* Oh, dust in THAT corner!

[04/01/16 22:25] 5: ARH!! *rips the cloth from his nan and mum* get off me! I'm not a child! I'm 13!! In some states I can get married already!! *stands and slams fists on table* Doesn't anyone care Neds drinking!!.

[04/01/16 22:26] 6: Feels 'stuffed' and hopes the carving knife gets lost

[04/01/16 22:28] 7: Of course we care sweety! It’s Christmas time and yer Uncle Ned’s had a hard year. The mulled spirits should keeps his little heart from shrinking another size like last year

[04/01/16 22:31]  :Oh, he is not drinking...it's communion!Now, all, be quiet!This is all quite horrendous to my ears, and goodness gracious, we have not carved the turkey yet! Abominable! Mur DEMANDS SACRIFICE!

[04/01/16 22:32]  :You blithering idiots, especially you Father "ascetic" of nothing! I SAID CHEERS! *stands up, trips and falls into the christmas tree*

[04/01/16 22:33]  1: falls closer to the fireplace, the Fire grins and reaches out with its maw.

[04/01/16 22:34]  : *continues cleaning Greg, spits in the napkin to make it more efficient, but half-misses and hits Greg* Shush, dear, shush! Now, you must be fine and proper for this lovely dinner! Sue, turkey please!

[04/01/16 22:36]  : you ungrateful brat! now ist down and be quiet *grabs a odd shaped wrapped object and points it at Greg* or fireworks will be a week early!

[04/01/16 22:38]  : releases a few juices on hearing 'Fowl' language and hopes his father isnt watching from above else he'd roll in his own grave-y

[04/01/16 22:39] :A hard year!? He's a frikin bum Father Bray dragged in here and Pa made me call him Uncle! *pauses wipeing spit off his face, looks Ma and Pa in the eye and wipes it on the turkey*


[04/01/16 22:39] 4: (Switch - Sue = 1, Fireplace and tree = 4)



[04/01/16 22:45] 4: grabs a branch of the Xmas tree and starts eating it slowly. Soon, sparks hit the carpet, but nobody seems to notice.

[04/01/16 22:46] 7: Well I think he's still a fine young man *picks up her butter knife and starts sawing stray yarns from her jumper*

[04/01/16 22:50] 8: Ascetic of nothing?! Ah! Oh! *theatrically clasps his hand over his chest* How /dare/ you?! HERETIC! BE CLEANSED! *begins to throw sticky goop at everyone* BY THE POWER OF Mur BE CLEANSED!

[04/01/16 22:51] 9: *crawls, with his suit on fire and goopy, to the hidden wine but finds some horse meat and stops eating for it while mumbling* nana, nana

[04/01/16 22:53] 1: *jumps and grabs her head, hyperventilating and staring with wide eyes* The mess! The MESS!


[04/01/16 22:54] 2: (Switch - 2 = Ned, 9 = Ma')



[04/01/16 22:54] 2: I can't take it anymore! *takes a sip of his booze openly* What do you know of improper behavior? Teenagers, heh! I remember when I first met a bunny... Darn bunny empire! Left me scarred for life!.


[04/01/16 22:57] 3: (Miss a go - 5)



[04/01/16 22:58] 3: *frowns trying to hear* will you shut it about your "hunnies"! *accidentaly pulls the trigger and shoots into the ceiling* oops...

[04/01/16 22:58] 6: thinks Christmas should be called 'Turkeypocalypse' and decides to become a 'Poultrygeist' to haunt these people after being eaten

[04/01/16 23:01] 4: starts burning whole, like a torch, throwing sparks at everybody.


[04/01/16 23:02] 7: (Miss a go - 2)


[04/01/16 23:03] 7: Sweet Sugar Plum Faries! There coulda been more children up there!


[04/01/16 23:05] 8: (Miss a go - 3)



[04/01/16 23:06] 8: *gasps excessively as he sees the raging flames* HE IS UPON US! Your sacrifice has not pleased him! Oh, heavens! *takes the turkey and prepares to throw it into the flames* ACCEPT THIS OFFERING MUR!

[04/01/16 23:08] 9: *goes suddenly full horror mode crabbing the turkey from Fatner and throwing it into the burning christmas tree* What are you all doin? But the fire out!!1one Ned is DEAD!


[04/01/16 23:12] 1: *screams in panic and starts frantically beating Uncle Ned with a napkin* Mess! *beats on the Tree* Mess! *screams in terror* Everything's a mess!



[04/01/16 23:13] 5: (miss a turn - 6)



[04/01/16 23:14] 5: walks round the table gathering the corners of the table cloth, picks up the lot and throws it on the fire, then pours all alcohol over it and the rest of the house before leaving, slamming the door

[04/01/16 23:18] 4: launches at the table and engulfs it in fire, then grabs the chairs, then the carpet...

[04/01/16 23:18] 7: *rocks in her seat and watches the flames* Well Thanksgiving is a mess but at least it’s over now. Can’t wait for Christmas

[04/01/16 23:21] 8: *watches the flames trembling* Yes, yes... BURN! The heretics must burn! *cackles, stops to adjust his hair before cackling again and rushing out the house after Greg* .

[04/01/16 23:21] 9: *jumps and throws herself on Bray* Finally my love, we can be together in flames and eternity.




Please read carefully and vote accordingly with who you think acted the best.


You should judge on:

  1. Conformity - Did the player(s) stick to the dinner and role theme?
  2. Originality - Were they original? Or was it the same old shtick?
  3. Roleplay - How good was their roleplaying?
  4. Embodiment of the Role - Did the player(s) become the role(s) they played? Were you convinced?)
  5. Humour - Was it fun to read? Did it make you chuckle or laugh?
  6. Adaptability - How well did they react to other's RP? Did they cope well with having role swapped or missing a go?

Please note that this may or may not count in the judging.


* Cleaned meaning - I have removed any excess chatter, confusion, names of players and edited slight areas to use player numbers (wild card uses) where names were once before.


If anyone has any critiques, comments or problems they'd like to bring up, please message me directly and I will do my best to reply accordingly.


Voting will last until the 9th.


Have fun reading! :)

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