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how can I effectively increase value point?


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Is there any way to effectively increase max value point?

I would like to upgrade my creature but I don't have enough Value point to be used as upgrade cost ( my max VP is not enough to upgrade them)

I just think about sacrifying creature to increase max VP stat, but now I am reach max exp for MP3 and still not advance to MP4 yet, waiting for the story to advance.

Therefore, this means that I can not train more creature to be sacrifiied (It will not get exp or win bacuase I am Max exp already). So, sacrifying does not help at this time.

Any suggestion?

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Max vp is raised through story bonuses and creature sacrifices.

You can get temporary vp by winning against others (based on damage done), randomly when roaming around (based on luck stat) and sacrificing creatures again. Any temporary vp over the the amount of max vp vanishes when the regeneration counter finishes.

You can gain a considerable amount of temporary vp to use with the various different options, but you have time constraint /: You can try and see if you can get enough to upgrade that creature of yours.

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