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can I change principles or reset but keep my present stat?


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"Different choices in the story will give different stat bonuses and quests which will affect gameplay. After players reach certain criteria of experience and won fights, they can reset the story to play it a different way and gain another mindpoint. There are several different routes in the story, and players are encouraged to choose different options each time to gain the most diverse gaming experience as possible."

I saw this in FAQ topic,

Does this means that I can change my principles I chose earlier or not? I just random click at some principle at the first time I play... just wanna change them....

and what is the meaning of reset the story mentioned in that text? it means I can play that story again, but still keep the present stat or all will be reseted?

thank you in advance...

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You can't change the principles you have already chosen, but you can choose more. For example, I have:

Darkness Principle = 284

Principle of Imagination = 88

Time Principle = 149

Transposition Principle = 195

Element Principle = 102

When mp6 is released, I will be able to pick one of the rest of the principles: Cyclicity, Light, Syntropy, Entropy and Balance (I think that's it). Well, that's if mp6 is like all the other advancements. I'm leaning towards Entropy next time~

Reset is just resetting the story, not your stats or skills. It will also reset npcs and quests to unlock land (have to redo Berserker Way and Loreroot quest), as well as access to story-related areas.

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that's mean I have to click and wait 24 hours again to advance?

and the creatures are at the same lvl after being reseted?

Ps. sorry I ask plenty wuestion and may be too much. I just wait for story to be advanced... lol , but hey! thanks for the great answers.

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You don't have to pick 24-hour meditation, although it's advised so that you can gain more skills. If you want to hurry to the next mp level, you can continue immediately. But otherwise, yes, you have to continue in the story and wait however long the meditation you picked to advance.

Your creatures are at the same level after being reseted :)

No problem about the questions :D Lots of other players ask the same ones.

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