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My Story: Robin Hood

Robin hood

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***added by chewett - some elements of this story may contain spoilers. read at your peril :D ***

I am Robin hood, a master archer from england.

Once when walking in the sherwood forest with my merry men, a strange wizard apeared and approached us.

He spoke

"You robin hood, King of thives, stealing from the rich and giving to yourself. This was not your role in this world, you strayed from your fate, and therefor i shall send you to a land were you shall remain"

All of a suddern the wizard clapped his hands together, a lighting bolt formed between his palms and in a great flash of light, a circle portal apeared in front of us.

The wizard spoke

"Now step inside befor i force you inside, and you wouldnt like that now would you?"

A big grin came across my face, glutching my bow and drawing a arrow from my quiver, the wizard seemed to be afrade.

I said to the wizard

"Dont be Scared of me, i intend to go into your portal, this land has nothing to offer me, this arrow is for the first person to irritate me on the otherside"

Steping into the portal everything goes to pitch black. Nothing is visable. I am paralised, i cannot move, then all of a suddern i am inside what seems to be a dream, With someone whispering into my head words i cannot understand, a young girl talking is this real ? is it a dream, after a while i i awake for it to be a dream. I am alone, in a cabin made of paper, none of my minion men are around me any more, holding a arrow at the ready to fire i begin to explore, finding Master wodin not far from my exit of the portal. I Ignored him for now, and contine to explore when i came across The armoury. The keeper explained to me, in this land you could give some of your life force to be able to control greatures which grow in power as i train them. I grinned "Creatures you say, execlent, I need something deadly" Gathering 2 Garasans, 3 Armours I made my way out of this stinking hole and began to explore more.. Then all of a suddern i was attacked by Some type of Creatures, using my conbat skills, i orginased my army to quickly overcome these pittyfull things, they wouldnt stop attacking, there was around 10 sets of these pittifull beings wasting my time. Later i find these beings to be shades from the necro lands. a Pittyfull dead race.

Now heading east i found myself at a place called the berzerker way with a strange orb which had a number inprinted on it. Within second i was using a arrows head scribbleing numbers around and fiddleing with this strange device. After a few minuints i managed to open it, hearing a loud scream i left the device, and headed towards the scream thinking to myself, Where there is trouble there is gold to make. Finding my way to marindbell gates, i was told i cannot enter from this strange girl which sounded like the one from the dream i had in the portal. I ignored this girl, she is an inncolant fool to belive i take orders from anyone.

Once inside this area making my way i explored more, finding many people with these strange creatures i had, causing massive devistation as my armys caused chaos crushing all in there path, Gaining new creatures and power spending my money as i find it on new armour.

Over time i learned more about the land, finding areas such as MDA Lands and loreroot, more lands existed but i was unable to gain access into these areas.

Now i have a strong army, i hear roumers of war from the necrovion alliance, and other armys are forming around the lands. I think to myself, what should i do.

should i be apart of this war, joining a faction, or atempt to remake my Merry men army, In these lands i suppose we would be "The Mercenaries", Seeking our own cause, or joining one alliance for something which they can offer us. We Care not for War, but for our own protection.

There is land to the south of "The house of liquid dust" It is empty, there seems to be nothing there, or is it yet not explored ?

If i could explore these lands i could Document Them with drawings, and creating a new map as i go, Maybe i could shape this area in the eye of the world as i see it, being the overall leader of these parts just like i was in nottingham, in sherwood forest back in the land of england. I hear I need some type of permission from a overseer of these lands, yet i am unsure what to do to continue my personal vendeta agenst the rich and powerfull.

***Hope you enjoy my story as i see it now It will continue if i get permission (and i can expand more on this story if needed)***

I will also add more evan if i dont get requested, as i will just imagian my own story line.

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Interesting idea.. I'm not sure it'd be good if the Legends forum got overrun with similar story topics (more like, I hope this doesn't become a major roleplaying place) but this much is agreeable enough for me. In fact, I'm sort of itching to write my own sort of story-thing because of all the roleplaying recently DX It's all your people's fault.. need to do homework...

I don't know if this is what the forum was intended for, but no objections have been raised so it should be fine until someone says otherwise.

Oh, and have you thought about putting this in your "Comments on Self" doc?

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Enticed by the coming of war, and the word of alliances forming i find myself at the entrance to the necro lands, talking to the leader of the alliance khal.

After a brife talk i was set on a mission befor i could join the alliance and become part of a legend in this land. My mission was easy to over come, completed within 5 minuits. Here i am now, part of the necrovion alliance, on a path with the shades who first attacked me in this wretched land.

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