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[Golemus Golemicarum] Mrd


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History of MRD and the MR's

MRD is one of the 2 original MR's. He is not evil, he is not good. MRD is just a lost soul, bound forever in a world between Life and Death. He has no legs, and hovers above the ground held in a orb of power. This orb becomes stronger by the day, growing with the knowlage he gains, protecting him as he searches for answers.He holds many secrets, and is bound to never share them. His ever growing need for knowlage has led him to form a army of minions, to whom he sends seeking any information they can gather for him. However do not be fooled, his army is not as weak as they look. They too hold great knowlage and will group together to seek revenge on any person or soul that stands in their way. MRD spent most of his days lurking in the shadows, making no sound speaking to no person. By doing such things he saw many things and learned many truths. Being just a soul proves difficult to him, and his mind dances wildly. His actions are very unpredictable. His memories of who he once was as a mortal are very faint to him, and noone seems to know where he came from. This land is farmiliar to him but how? How can he be farmiliar with the land but not have memories of it? Is there more to MRD than even he knows................

"Golemus is a island", MRD thinks to himself. "How to get there? A boat? No no boats nor way to the docks. A bridge? The gates are locked... I am a spirit tho, why cant I float there? " MRD thinks of why he cannot leave Golemus alone. "I MUST find a way, I MUST. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO SURVIVE........" Why must he go? Why does he think that Golemus is the only way for him to survive? "I MUST LEAVE THIS PLACE SOON...." MRD frantically searches through all his papers, looking for anything that may help him leave this horrable place. As he is deep in thought, MRZnible enters his office. "Sir" MRZnible says in a quiet voice,"You have a visitor. She proclaims she may have some information you need." MRZnible states with a confused voice. MRD looks at MRZnible with a stern look "Let her enter, but bewarned I do not have time for petty information, that is what you MR's have been created for....". In walks the mysterious being,............. After MRD and the womans talk, MRD summons MRZnible into his office. "MRZnible, the time is near my loyal minion. Summon the MR's, we all must meet and discuss my departure. I feel the time is growing near"

Before MRZnible can return with the other MR's, a strong creature appears in MRD's office, and does not make it's presence known. MRD turns around and see's this being, hovering over him. MRD screams "NO!!! I AM NOT PREPARED!!! I CANNOT LEAVE YET. Please, let me stay another day and finish my preperations." Minutes later MRZnible and the others return to see MRD is nowhere to be found, and what strikes fear in them is MRD's book is open, something that is never left out of MRD's hands. With this they all frantically begin a search for their great leader. . . . . . . . Following orders from MRD in cases of emergency, the MR's go to Metal Bunny as their new leader, in absence of MRD. Can they find him before it is too late?

Metal Bunny alerts MRP to summon all MR's to the Gazeebo of Sound to pray for MRD, not knowing where he went or why he is gone. MRP does as Metal Bunny commands, and they gather at the Gazeebo and pray. Sol, Morgana le Fey, Junior, Morrel, Stryx, and many others also hear of the news and come pray for MRD as well. After a few days of prayer, MRD magically apears at the Gazebo, tired and beaten, but alive and grateful for all who prayed for his safe return. MRD can not help but think that this is not the end of his unwilling journeys and now has expectations of further kidnappings...

MRD uses the first few hours of his freedom by thanking all who helped him escape, and all who prayed for his safety. He then goes back to his office, and puts MRTime as guard outside his door. Soon after arriving, a Dark Form appears in front of MRD. In some fear, and some curiosity, he manages to speak to the Form. "Dare you enter my office without permission!" MRD says acting strong. The being replies "I have been sent to return you to where you were brought before, However, i will grant you a few hours to make preperations. This time your foolish prayers will not save you from your fate. Expect to see me soon." The being disappears into the darkness.

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MRD sits in his office, talking to himself as if he needs to hear the words being said. "Why do they want me, more importantly why do they want my BOOK so badly???" MRD seems confused. "Do they want it because of the secrets of the land it holds? Surely they must already know them. What do I know that they do not??? Am i a THREAT to them and their land? Is my desire for Golemus a threat to them? Surely they do not think i will ever join them, I made that clear."

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Sitting in Winds Sanctuary, MRD wonders why they have not come for him yet as he was told. He silently sits there, watching the many people walking in and out, resting their tired feet. Listening to what they have to say, and picking up on a little piece of information here and there. Suddenly a friend walks in, whom MRd has searched for for months unable to locate. MRR says "I am here Master." MRD replies, "Where have you been!!!!! I have searched for you for months, I was starting to believe they took you as ransom for ME!!!!" Winds goes silent watching in fear. "I am sorry Master, I was just Meditating gaining age on my creatures....... I meant no harm to you". Everyone watches MRD in anticipation of what he will do. "From now on, be sure to check in. OFTEN. Do not lewt this happen again, I must know where my minions are at all times. We can not afford a communication error within us, it could lead to our DEATH. Now go, I am done with you for now." MRD goes back to his shadows.......

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