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[Golemus Golemicarum] A Concise History


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Everybody knows that history is written by the victors, and as i am a victor of my own role in this world i can write my own account of it, which may or may not be wholly accurate, or necessarily in the correct order.

To explain why my tale will be in such a format is easy to state, it is simple, i was cursed, but that i will talk more about later, for it is a story before this tale, and it will help you to know me as i became when i got here, so that your opinion of me, should you not have met me yet, is not slanted by the acts the were comitted by me and mine before i was, lets say, changed...

Now, i have been here a while, some of you may know me, others perhaps not, though it is likely we may have passed each other from time to time as we were each going about our journeys in this place, be it with good intention or ill. So you may be wondering as to why i should write my history now, in this time and place, with present situations occuring, like the apparently imminent war between the shades and the followers of the light, and as i like simple answers i shall provide another one, it is time.

I sit here currently listening to the murmur of voices beneath my feet, new people to this fine land, they will soon learn it's ways and discover that not all is as it seems, i may go downstairs to assist them soon, but for now i will write this note.

That glimmering scroll that they now see, how i remember when i first came into that room, the new smells, sights and sounds that so enticed me, there were so few of us in these lands back then, it was so quiet and empty of life, so much different to the place it is now. I stepped outside of that room and my senses soon became overwhelmed from this new land, and i am ashamed to say i fainted, hidden in the grass i lay there for many days, half dead, unaware of what was going on around me, times were changing, things were happening in this new world, for it was formed for us, and everything new has to change, change is a good thing. I awoke to find a place, similar, but not quite the same as when i left it, it was busier, it was livelier. I regret those days i missed of my life, though my life is long, for i am many ages older than any man, those are the days i miss the most, so much excitement as the world formed around those within it, i crave the knowledge of the God's who made this place so that i might see it once again.

After waking i stumbled around for a while, not knowing what to do or where to go. I started to follow the beaten track leading away from the place i now call home, off through a strange area where clearly remnants of battles in other far off places had ended up, for it looked too focused for a battle to have actually taken place there, too neat if you will, but i diverse, later i came accross a strange gate, it's markings were foreign to me, and back then it said not a word, with new sights such as these i had just witnessed so many thoughts began racing through my head, and because of this a few long since burried memorys clawed their way back to the surface, it was a painful experience and measures have now been put in place to be sure those memorys never resurface like that again.

Instinctively i took the right hand path from that place, the guardian that i later discovered on the left path and i have met before, and in this world i was not in a prepared state to battle with it, we have a long standing knowledge of each other, but it cannot, none of it, be said for it would weaken both sides, and both of us enjoy what power we are deemed fit to recieve too much to allow that to happen, i will say but this, that many aeons and many worlds have passed since a time when we talked about friendly matters, when we, both of us, were different shapes and sizes, for the shape he holds now is merely fitting to his post, he has no real need of it, alas for my curse else i would snap him down with a flick of my tongue, but my memorys get the better of me, like i have said, it is a different time, perhaps we both may be more forgiving this time around, well perhaps anyway.

My memory clouds, i shall go and help the newly arrived once more, and come back to this with fresh vigour in but a short while in your span of time, adieu.

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