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[Marind's Bell] The (Official) Story Of Bootes

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A Prologue

A reincarnation without a past, Bootes is the reincarnation of His Constellation\'s Namesake. Who he is a reincarnation of is hard to determine, some legends say it is Icarius, others Arcas. A few tales even link him to the Titan Atlas, condemned for all eternity to hold the world on his shoulders.

With no recollection of who he is, and with no two tales agreeing, Bootes has adopted the current name of his constellation. He is trying to find the answers to his past, how he became a constellation, and most importantly how he came to be reanimated in the flesh once again. Only his faint knowledge of his past, and interest in this new world he finds himself in, keep Bootes moving forward. Though his past remains a mystery, Bootes is determined to make his future an Adventure.

1: The Heads Contest

Bootes first major feat came shortly after he discovered this world. While resting himself in a Sanctuary Bootes noticed some of the people traveling too and fro had satchels containing something that appeared valuable. Having not seen such objects yet, Bootes followed one such person out of the Sanctuary. Almost immediately that person was ambushed and his satchel taken. The person who's satchel had been taken replied simply, "About time someone took those heads off me."

Heads? Thought Bootes, now both thoroughly confused, yet intensely interested. He set out to learn of these Heads, and what they meant. Bootes quickly learned there was a "Heads Contests" underfoot, and that those who proved their metal by collecting the most heads and holding them for the longest would be Greatly rewarded.

Becoming Quickly lost in the furver of collecting Heads, Bootes finds himself Searching High and low for players with Heads collecting 10 here, 5 there. Slowly he raises his score and begins competing with the other top compedaters, Gargant and gacontnt. While fighting these players trying to hold onto his hard won Heads, Bootes learns more about these characters and slowly becomes to feel them as friends.

Having participated in this contest, and meet some of his fellow desieans of this word, Bootes wonders if he should focus more on his future rather than dwelling on his lost past.

2: The Ferryman's Quest

Having made connections in this ever growing land, Bootes continues to seek out new adventure and people. Soon he hears a rumor on the wind, there is a Quest afoot. Searching high and low for a clue of who is giving the Quest, and how to complete it Bootes stumbles upon .SmartAlek. who seems to have a piece of paper if one can answer his Question. After finding the answer .SmartAlekRJ. reveals to Bootes that there is far more to this Quest than it seems, and he must seek out 3 more pieces of paper to unravel the mystery.

After seeking out three more people (.Metal Bunny., .John., and .Wodin Ullr.) and collecting their papers as well, Bootes realized they odd symbols on the papers are a code and quickly begins to decipher them. He discovers that the hidden message is actually a riddle in itself, and also discovers that this riddle was lost by .simplyzero., also known as the Ferryman.

Upon showing his work to .simplyzero. Bootes finds he has earned a trip with the Ferryman, but must prove himself once more to .SmartAlekRJ. in order to earn his real prize, a Dragon. Bootes quickly finds .SmartAlekRJ. once again and begins to learn how to Prove himself. It takes some struggle, and more than a week but in the end .SmartAlekRJ. is convinced.

After Bootes once again tracks down .simplyzero. the Ferryman grants Bootes his trip, and in a flash the pair find themselves standing on a distant coast. Bootes is amazed, he is standing in the fabled land of Golemus, not easily accessible to even the most notable Figures he has encountered, yet here he is. While .simplyzero. guides Bootes to the lair of the Drachorn, he is amazed at the unexplored land. After receiving his hard earned Dragon egg, Bootes thanks .simplyzero. and makes his way back to No Mans Land.

3: The Journey Begins

Thinking apon all his recent experiences Bootes realizes he must strive to discover as much as he can about this wondrous land. While his lost past will ever haunt him, Bootes is resolute to look towards the future now, and carve his own path in the world of Magic Duel.

But, how to begin his own path, especially when he has little Knowledge of his path until now. This is what troubles Bootes. It is the same question of his past, that seems to be a constant thorn in his future.

With no other clues, Bootes just looks up, and sees the majesty of the Night sky. He quickly finds his own constellation and wonders again how he was immortalized as this pattern of stars. Who or what was he, that the Gods decided to give him a place in the heavens?

Slowly another question tugs at Bootes' mind. What of the other constellations?

At first the question is just a whisper in his mind. But as Bootes lends an ear to the thought it becomes louder. How had he never stopped to consider the rest of the Night Sky? Always he was focused on his own little corner, but now with that new voice in his ear, his eyes turn towards unexplored stars. To new patterns, and new discoveries. His mind a flame with the possibilities, Bootes searches the sky. At each new point of light he sees more possibility and more ideas flood to mind. Soon it is too much, and Bootes closes his eyes. However behind his eyelids the lights are still coming, they seem to illuminate his mind as well as his eye. Bootes realizes the lights are giving him a path, a new possibility to explore. Bootes decided right then and there that he will dedicate this new life he has found himself in to studying the Stars in the sky, and how they relate to those on the ground. Bootes will take on the Role of a Celestial Observer, and take on a new role in the stars.

4: The Sun that Never Sets

Having Passed out from the Light, Bootes now Awakens in a Strange new Place. He finds himself in an Ancient Library, specifically on a Balcony that looks upon the Sun. He decides to Explore this New place, though in Truth it is just to Pass the Time while he waits for Night to Fall again. Though he finds many places interesting he is Unable to find any Books on Astronomy or even the art of Astrology. It seems he is the First to have such Interests, or at Least the Frist who Intends to record his Discoveries...

After hours of Exploring Bootes returns to the Hall of the Sun, where he makes an Astonishing Discovery. The sun has Not Moved! It remains Exactly where it is, and waiting Further proves to Bootes that it is No Fluke of his Imagination.

"How can this Be?" Thinks Bootes. A never Moving Sun would mean there is No Nighttime, yet he HAD seen the Night Sky..

Deeply Unsettles by this Discovery Bootes decides this shall be his First Task. To Understand how a Sun could Never Move, and at the Same time How Night could Fall in Such a Place. It seems a Daunting task, and Bootes eventually seeks Help in his Quest hoping that Perhaps others have some Theories...

5: Our Connection to the Stars

His Quest helps Bootes Gather many Theories and in the End he feels Satisfied to Publish his Own Theory. However an Unexpected Discovery comes up...

During his Quest Bootes had asked Questers to collect Coordinates from Places where he had Made Observations of the Sun (in his Haste he had forgotten to Record them Himself). After Reviewing the many Coordinates he Realizes something, Perhaps he can use these to Track the Place where he had Seen the Night Sky. He hastily prepares to Search for this place, and leaves before most know where he is Headed.

His Search is hard and Long, and Bootes soon Regrets leaving behind all he Knew. In many ways it feels like the Journey he first took to Enter this world. However he makes careful Notes of the Path he takes so he may find his way Back. In the End his Search proves Fruitful, and Bootes is able to Actually find a Place where the Night Sky exists. He makes Careful Note of where this Place is, and then Sits for many Nights making careful Notes of the Stars.

Once Bootes feels he has enough to Continue his Research he Feels it is Time to Return to the People he Left in Order to Learn better how the Stars affect their Lives. Knowing he can now Find this place Anytime he wants Bootes Begins to make his way Back...

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