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[Marind's Bell] Magician Of White Light

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well thinking long and hard on what to do i decided to still help others like now as LHO but know in rpc so i made this story.

One day while walking down Sage Keep Junior was asked a question by a newcomer to the world of MD. The newcomer was nervous not knowing what to say untill he decided "umm sir Junior what is the Angiens?" said the Newcomer. "Well the Angiens are not a thing they are living creatures that helped build Marind Bell." said Junior As they began to get deeper into details Junior felt this warmth not an unpleasent warmth but the contrary i warmth of pleasure and sotheness. Well they began into Sages Path and Junior said " Look up ahead there is a place called Angiens Ferry from there we can view the homeland of the Angiens." Really can we go?" said the newcomer. "Yes of course we can" replied Junior. So they both began heading to Angiens Ferry and Junior was still talking about the Angiens and their live and journey with Wind. Still Junior kept of feeling the warmth grow stronger and more pleasent. So they eventually arrived. "That you see there is what we believe to be there homeland." said Junior. "WOW!!!!" said the Newcomer with great excitement. Then Junior told him all about how the Angiens had portected Marind Bell against the Shades and all. Then said the Newcomer can i go and find out what the Shades have to say about this? "Sure be my guest" said Junior, and The Newcomer left in a Hurry to find the other Part of the story.

Junior sat a while on the dock looking over at the Angiens homeland, he just sat there and thought of what it would take for them to come. The warnth got even more pleasant and made Junior lay down on the dock looking into the sky still wondering about the Anfiens then all of a sudden Junior saw a flash a great big light come from the Agiens Homeland so Junior got up and saw nothing. He thought to himself it was nothing just my imagination. So he laid down again. Then letting the warmth take of his body Junior closed his eyes. After a while with his eyes closed Junior felt that people were looking at him so he opened his eyes. the problem was that when he did he only saw a bright light as if someone was flashing his eyes with a lamp but no one was. Scared Junior sat up staright and wondered what was happening to him. The the light got dimer to the point where Junior could see again. And to Juniors amazement the light was a being an actual liveing being.

Who are you said Junior in a small scraed voice. "I am an Angien the King of Angiens" All Junor could do at that point was bow down before him. "STOP" said the Angien. "You shouldnt bow down to me i should bow to you" "But way?" said Junior " I am Nothing Compared to your majesty" "That is correct you are more than me, you are the Pure Hearted we have been looking for" Stupidafied Junior said Mmmmee? "Yes you" "But why asked Junior. I just saw the must noble act a person could do. You help guide that Newcomer said the Angien. "But that is what i do i am an LHO" said Junior. "NO LIAR you are more than that and i can tell by the way you explained our life to him. Not only did you capture every asscent but while saying it you had a certain passion for us. You talked about us as if we were the best of the living beings." "And you are" Junior Hastly replied. You see that is what i am talking about in your heart you you can only have pure thoughts about every one, thats what we seek a person as pure hearted as you." "In word of all Angiens we ask you to be our leader and in exchange for that we will give you our powers." Junior thins to himself wow i always wanted to talk to them but never did i know i would be the pure hearted one, either way i will accept their offer. "I accept" said Junior in a firm voice.

As soon as Junior said I Accept he was lifted into the air soon he was surrounded by amazing white lights. The process only took 15 minutes but for Junior it seemed like years in fact it was. Junior had to go through the process of learning the ways of the Angiens, he grew old he grew a bread and gain unthinkable amounts of knowledge of all living things. Junior was inveloped in white robes made up of pure white light. After what seemed to normal people only 15 minutes Junior gracefully desended down onto the dock. "I bow before you Junior Magicion of White Light" said the Angien as he bowed. I will continue to live my life as i have untill now by helping others in any possible way i can as if only doing heal rituals or guiding them along into this world were we the people share and life in." said Junior " Just as we thought a pure hearted would do with his great new powers said the ANgien to himself. Iknow we made the right choice. " Junior i must depart to OUR homeland and tell everybody of your acceptance." As you wish " said Junior.

Thus on that day an ordinary LHO became the Master of Angiens. Not only does he have greater powers but wont stop doing what he loves the most which is helping others. Just as Junior was leaving the Angien came back. "Master about the shades" "Yes i know it wont be easy" said Junior ok Magician Of White Lights i must depart before i get seen.

hope u guys like it and i would appreciate it if you guys could om in game and tell me what u think same name *juni0r*

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