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[Loreroot] Raven


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Creation of World (Story of Raven)


In beginning there was nothing except chaos and confusion that only Raven was witnessed. But there came time when the fight between good and evil, light and dark has stopped and decided to make new world in which both could live. World of magic and wonders and as none of sides could decide how to create it they gave a small bag to Raven, a bag of powers.

As Raven flew through darkness and light he was getting tired but there was no place to rest there was only water to be seen miles around. So while he flew, he removed a rock from his bag and threw it into the sea. This rock became the first land. He sat down upon this land to rest, while resting he took other rocks from his sack and threw them into the water. Thus Raven made the land.

Rested, Raven continued his way to create the world. After long time he got tired again so he decided to rest on land he created before. And as he was resting he removed fir, willow, the pine, the spruce and all the trees of the world. He also removed the huckleberry bush, the wild strawberry, the grass and all of the plants of the world, including the plants of the sea. These things he scattered across the land and the water, so that they may grow.

Again Raven took his pouch around his neck and flew through the darkness. And again The Raven became tired so that he sat upon a rock. This time he removed all the animals of the world. The wolf, the eagle, the salmon, the bear, the dear, and all the animals of land and sea.

Raven looked around him at the world he had made, it was a good world, and every one was peaceful and happy. But before he flew off he looked into his pouch and saw that there was one thing left. So he removed man from the bag and placed him upon the earth.

Raven enjoyed peace and happiness but he realized that he is missing old world, world of chaos and confusion. So he flew over land and transformed himself in human form to bring confusion and chaos upon world that he created. But he also decided to bless some of people and help them.

And so Raven became good and evil, light and dark, he became Illusionist.

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As Raven was making confusion and blessing to some others he realized that by doing goals that he have set himself world won’t change. That made him think about all humans that have similar goal and decide to join one of them.

With this decision he sent two of his messengers Huginn (Thoughtful) and Muninn (Mindful) to seek those that are worthy and have good idea and will to accomplish their goal.

While the two messengers were away, Raven proclaimed himself as Hrafna-Gud, the God of the Ravens and established his dominion in Raven’s Peace.

Giving warning to all saying:

A place where Raven is at rest.

To not disturb him would be best.

The messengers have returned bringing words about Loreroot alliance describing them as faithful guardians of Loreroot that are peaceful but yet to be feared in fight. Hrafna-Gud realized that he has made his territory in Raven’s Peace that’s part of Loreroot and Loreroot alliance. Raven sent his two messengers immediately to NelyaSetesh asking her to acknowledge his place in Loreroot and also in Loreroot alliance…

As Huginn and Muninn were nowhere to be seen after Raven sent them on their tasks he got worried because of their disappearing.

Huginn and Muninn, every day

They fly over earthground.

I fear for Huginn,

that he may not return.

But even more, I fear

for the loss of Muninn.

Next day the two messengers returned unharmed but frightened from enemies that tried to stop them… But they were bringing good news from leader of Loreroot alliance. NelyaSetesh has approved his dominion in Raven’s Peace and also accepted him in ranks of Loreroot alliance.

Becoming Illusionist of Loreroot

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