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M B: Research Assistants Wanted!

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PS: for mods, i am not entirely sure on where to put this, I could've put it in the alliance section, but this isn't an alliance request.. I choose to put it here cause the ones that read local legends would be the ones most suitable to join the cause

Are you interested in knowledge? Do you want to find out more about the MD Realm? Or do you have theories that you think could be applied on the realm?

I am Udgard, a spirit bound to the world of MagicDuel, who chose to walk the path of knowledge. To expand the scope of my researches and increase its speed, I am know recruiting for research assistants. I will accept anyone who shares a passion for knowledge. Any MP level, any alliance, everyone.

What u will do:

For those interested in joining me, I will have a number of research project subjects to choose for. Your job will be to gather info on those subjects and submit it to me. I will organize all entries of that particular subjects into a single paper and archive them.

The MD realm is a magical realm, with different laws of nature than that of the world we know before coming to this realm(*cough*therealworld*cough*). For those more interested in creating theories on what can be applied on this realm, please send me your theories, and I'll organize a group discussion to expand our understanding and probably find a way to integrate it to our daily life. There is no limit to the scope of these theories, but please make sure that they are suitable with the Realm's theme.

Your reward

Your reward would not be things such as wish points or stat bonuses. Instead, those who participate in the various research projects will receive access to the database of all datas we manage to collect (based on their contribution).


The method of your research is up to you. I presume, though, that we would be working a lot with the archivists, that holds most of the ancient records. The Seekers of Enlightenment would also be a primary source of information on the research on the Angiens. When you submit your findings, please send me your sources as well. Anyone who purposedly gives false informations will be banned from the research team.

When you choose a project, I will give you info on what we know so far to help you start your research (we have little info on some of the subjects though).

Anyone who is interested to join me in my research, please send me a PM (forum/in-game) or reply here with the subjects u are interested in.

List of Projects

This is the current list of projects to pull off. If u have any interesting subjects u want to research but not on these list, just tell me.

1. The Deathmarrow

2. The History of Wind-Raven war

3. The Land Defence Weapons

4. The Shades

5. The Angiens

6. The Balance

7. The Land of Golemus Golemicarum

8. The Land of Necrovion

9. The House of Liquid Dust

10. The Book of Principles


Seeker of Knowledge

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