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M B: Newly Found Rumor

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Long before the time of all creatures big and small.Long before creatures knew the concept of territory,land,conquering.Before many tried to rule everything,but eventually failed miserably.A time when the Ancients started to create living things of all sorts,of all shapes and sizes.They gave the freedom to every creature to speak to communicate the way they want,limited only by their own intelligence.After they where finished they got so exausted that they where dying.All the knowledge in the universe was about to disappear from this world for ever.So with their final strength they formed a unique race of people that spoke a different language that only few would understand,only the chosen ones.These where the guardians of the universe they where the ones that assured that nobody got too smart nobody found out the deepest secrets of the universe.They where warriors,leaders,conquerers,lords, assassins everything what was needed.They blended in everywhere without a trace,without nobody to suspect who they really are.They witnessed every battle between good and evil,they where the ones that maintained the balance.A balance so delicate that could be very easily disrupted and that could mean chaos and disaster for every being in the universe.They spoke a language that was very hard to understand,it was their code.

“We are we where and we will be everywhere,we are life and death we uphold the balance.”

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