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Recruiting Lorerootian Spies


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UPDATE: I am no longer Loreroot's Master of Spies nor part of the Lorerootian alliance!~ Please refer to the third post down.

Like any other alliance we maintain an interest in the internal affairs of certain peoples. Currently we are in need of spies, to be blunt. As a spy you will be part of the support group, but you won't be listed in any place others outside the alliance might see. Meaning, you won't be added to the official list of SG members in either the fansite forums or the MD forums. Most likely only I and Nelya will know your identity.

For now I am in charge of all espionage activity as spymaster for Loreroot. That means if you want to spy for us, you'll be overseen by and report solely to me. Contact me discreetly; for obvious reasons you should not associate yourself publicly with Loreroot, so don't post here or join the forums. I'll be asking you:

  • Why do you want to help Loreroot rather than another alliance?
    • What is your opinion about the current state of affairs in the MD lands?

    • Do you have any objectives besides helping Loreroot?

  • Why do you want to be a spy rather than help Loreroot other ways?

  • What alliance/group do you think you can infiltrate and spy in most easily, and why?

  • What will tactics would you use in espionage, given the liberty to choose?

I reserve the right to tell you how and where to spy, but I tend to believe that people know themselves and their capabilities best so I will consider what you say carefully. I also expect my spies to be flexible and sensible, in case an opportunity or choice presents itself during espionage activity and must be answered immediately. Therefore I will search for signs of such characteristics in your response.

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I am also open to other options for obtaining information. If you don't want to spy for Loreroot in the purpose of helping the alliance and would rather exchange information or something else, feel free to contact me as well.

Anyone may contact me if they want to report a tidbit, regardless of who they are in association with the LR alliance and whether or not they're one of my spies. Often enough information comes our way when we aren't seeking it. I value almost all information about most topics, so I won't grudge anything sent to me.

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Actually, I am no longer Master of Spies nor a Guardian of the Root (I know, I post this on same day I posted this topic :P). This is a copy of words I left to members of the Lorerootian alliance:

I know it says on the forum rules not to create "Goodbye" topics. However, I do have sincere words I would like to leave to this alliance which may or may not be useful and interesting; either way, they communicate my true feelings, and I always feel the need to do that. The administrators can delete this if they would like.

I am leaving this alliance~ I would like to say that I really liked being a Lorerootian Guardian. I agree with the philosophy of this alliance and I love our community. I know that in the time after I leave this alliance will grow stronger than ever. Loreroot would be my first loyalty and I would stay in this alliance if Necrovion did not have an alliance.

I joined the Guardians of the Root as a Necrovion spy. I could've spied in the Golemus alliance or the Seekers of Enlightenment because they both offered me a spot, but Khalazdad placed me in Loreroot. My duty was to report anything that Loreroot did concerning Necrovion. I found myself spying on other groups more than on the activity of Loreroot. In all my time in the alliance, I never reported anything that could've damaged Loreroot or help Necrovion (greatly)--an attestation to the strength of the guardians which garnered my great respect.

I was planning to stay and become the Master of Spies in the alliance, reporting to Khalazdad information from spies who thought they reported to Loreroot. However, today I was notified that Khalazdad no longer feels the need for a spy to moniter Loreroot. It is a symbol of his faith in any of Loreroot's decisions that may occur in the future. He said I could stay in Loreroot if I wanted--because I might still be of use despite a lack of need--but I could not resist the temptation to be true to all and openly show my devotion to the Necrovion shades now that the opportunity has come.

I hope Necrovion and Loreroot can help each other in the future! icon_cheers.png

And now, I will leave Loreroot in time to escape Nelya's wrath--may she suntan in serenity.


I have unlocked the topic if you wish to respond in this place. I prompt you to do so or pm me if you wish to ask questions about my and Necrovion's actions; I shall willingly respond to anything because I know my devotion is true. And cheers to Necrovion!

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