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The Legend Speakers


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The Legend Speakers is a guild branch from the Archivists that centralizes information about lore from Magic Duel and tells their tales. They also document new stories for telling later.

Leader: Yami no Sakura


Calyx of Isis

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I need to talk to Saki to get the members list updated again...Anyways, they aren't geared toward loreroot. They're geared toward LORE. You know...legends...like their name... But they (at least, originally they were conceived for...) are more about collecting the stories of the game. The Archivists are a little broader than that, but this is a large section, so it split off.

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i never thought the archivists and legend speakers are different until now :P
Legend speakers focus on collecting different kinds of stories, recollections and legends on people or that are made by people or that are currently happening right now..
archivists focus on recording every thing that has the right to be recorded &_&
from tips to stories and adventures archivists have it all
they are like librarians that store, control and differentiate different kinds of stuff that can do anything ranging from killing to saving people
you name it they got it ^_^

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