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Upon joining the Necrovin Sentinels, I was labelled the Artificer for my help with Khals papers, a role I have took with pride. I have served similar roles in other games, blacksmiths, craftsman and even archaeologists... so I find it somewhat ironic that this role was given to me. That aside, I decided to build upon this role and take it into the game universe... thus... here is a little about the artificer (you can view a lot of this on my personal pages too). I will try to create stories of my character and his travels, but I am not a wonderful wordsmith, so they may come slowly. I must also admit, I once role played an axe murdering assassin in another game called Shikaku, who also had great ability in controlling and creating fire, this is why the sword is called Shikaku.

My stories in the past have been at times, somewhat gory (although I do not like to watch gory films... heh...) anyhow, just a prewarning, nothing like that here however.


I am the artificer, master of the crafts.


While in my youth, I was slaved, beaten and tortured daily, but this was the foundation of my craft. For each and every day I would help craft weapons or armour for my masters. Often, a man in dark robes would come and enchant these items, making them even more powerful. As I was being lashed one evening, I watched the man closely to help keep my mind from the pain... I saw the hand movements, the glyphs appear hazily across the length of a sword and the very eyes of the robed man would become black and soulless. I wanted that magic, for months I watched closely as the robed man would continue his work. It was many moons before I dare to try the act myself. That day was the most powerful I have ever felt, if only for a short period. I had spent many days in the foundry previously, creating a sword that's sharpness could cut the wind itself... I wanted it to be perfect, my masters suspected nothing, but their demise was coming. The day arrived, the sword was complete and I began to chant over the item, all manner of arcane glyphs raced around my head, magic sparked from the grounds and I even began to levitate... the power flowing through my veins was... incredible, I felt invincible. I focused, reality slowly fading from my sight, more and more arcane influences appeared before me... to actually see the magic, I was awe struck. I concentrated my energies, and slammed my hand upon the sword. The glyphs surrounding me stopped, I fell to the floor, tired and weak. Although it seemed like I had been working for hours, judging by my surroundings, little time had passed.

I came around to see, before me, the head of the black robed man dangling before me, my master spoke, his voice drilling into my skull.

"We've no need for him now boy, you shall be our enchanter, slave." I realised in horror that I hadn't created a weapon to destroy my oppressors, but indeed created the reason for them to further enslave me. I would craft for hours, my masters would smile with some form of insane satisfaction as I worked away at my craft. Each time, masses of power and magic surging through my body... yet useless, never was I able to use it to destroy my captors. Never did I create anything as powerful as the first sword, nor could I, had I wanted, for the glyphs and sigils of the arcane from that day never presented themselves again. To this day, I have yet to create anything as powerful, nor have I found the location of the sword, I only hear whispers of it's name "Shikaku". The search continues, what power I will hold once I reclaim it!

Even though my oppressors are long dead, and I am free, I have kept my craft, for with it I can cut my own destiny, and help forge that of others. With my power over the crafts, I can create intricate and masterful devices that challenge the very boundaries of the world itself. My items are often described as artefacts, and although I create such powerful items rarely, you never know when I might be working on my next masterpiece. Dragoonus, Artificer of the Necrovion Sentinels... if you didn't feel anything, I didn't create it.



Ashes to ashes, everything will burn

The first. Shikaku is a flaming sword with incredible power, since it's creation I have studied hard, and undergone many years of loneliness in order to recreate such a magnificent piece. That time was spent wasted, I shall never recreate such perfection, but I must find it's whereabouts... I am drawn to it like a moth to light... and yet, no matter where I go, I only hear whispers of it's name. The sword itself, is matted and stained in blood, yet constantly burns with an intense flame... the sword remains sharp, sharp enough to cut through the very fabric of reality.


A very powerful and mysterious device and its mystery is only exceeded by its power

A somewhat strange device, I created this in my experimental days. The Rockport to my knowledge doesn't actually do anything... although it holds a great deal of magic. It is a spherical object that glows with a black aura and several small blowholes. When creating the Rockport I was attempting to create a device that would tear at the fabric of reality, tearing it asunder and opening a gate into another dimension. Evidently I didn't hold the knowledge of magical principles to create the item correctly and thus have created this.


A cruel, yet humorous device

A small, sharp disc I created some time ago. By introducing several magical glyphs and symbols into the razor sharp disc I managed to make it sightless, beyond stealth but actually invisible. Although not practical for battle, it gives me great pleasure hiding it in plain sight for passers by to cut themselves... hilarity ensues. Unfortunately, once I put the blade down by the gate of ages, other then occasionally seeing people bloodily cut themselves on seemingly nothing, I haven't actually found the disc again.

Venomous Dragon Blade

Dagger, Poison and Drachorn all in one handy pocket size contraption!

My current project is going quite well, the idea behind this device is simple... a searing blade oozing with venom. The heat of the blade creating the perfect temperature for the venom to breed and spread through the veins of it's target. Destruction, miniaturised.

Over the years I have created other arms and devices, but at times I have not truly understood the magical principles used to create, or activate them. As my knowledge grows, so too does that of the items created in the past and their uses shall become apparent. For now, the Rockport shall be the only of these I reveal.

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The blade is complete!

*raises it above his head*

Behold, The Venomous Drachorn Blade!

A dagger of great power, a blade of green that seems to drip with poison. A blade so hot it must be kept in a cooled sheath to prevent any self damage. The hilt is somewhat ornate and lined with snakes circling the handle... styled like a Drachorn head, bone. The blade itself is made in order to slice through an enemies defences easily, while causing searing pain. The open wound is then infected with a venom that will cause cell deterioration, if cured within the week, permanent damage can be prevented. The used of this blade is not meant to kill, but to torture and suffer, although it makes a highly adequate killing device. It's true power comes in slowly killing an enemy, causing them great fear and nightmares before death finally comes.

I have now been commissioned to create three new projects... this will take me some time. But their owner will hold great power, and be amongst the few to hold a device created by my hand.

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thats nice I try not to use void(my black claymore, it whould eat it) on it so you can keep if a while

I am interested in the powers that your void commands. Simply sending other objects to the void, or to oblivion is quite the power, but in truth only a minor set back in most cases, perhaps you can elaborate on the full potential of your weapon? I guarantee I can produce a similar weapon of higher quality, my craftsmanship is unrivalled.

As for the Venomous Drachorn Blade itself, it is not a weapon I would use, but merely a device I have created for some other to use.

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not sure where the things it pulls in goes but I used to be able to project a blackhole(I have tried since coming to MD)and even gods have fallen before this blade and it's powered by my half demon heart and many souls(some far more power than even I can understand) if it were not for this blade I would have died many more times

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