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Logan Marquis: Observer of Wills

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This is the story of Logan Marquis:

The Observer of Wills didn't start out that way, in fact, his beginnings are still fairly vague. What he does remember is usually faint images of his past, but sometimes vivid flashbacks have appeared as well. How he got to MagicDuel he will probably never truly remember, but through all of his time here in these lands he has learned of how only a few others got here.

His main focus was originally learning all he could on the Time Principle in order that he might learn to control the very plane of Time -- the very fabric of Time even --, but the deeper his understanding of it grew, the more he learned the consequences of such could be devastatingly bad not only for himself but for everyone.

So then he thought long and hard about his place within MagicDuel, and as he did someone had begun to tell him stories of the Necrovion Sentinels and the Shades. He heard about the Shades and their true quest for balance, and while many mocked the Sentinels, Logan found them intriguing and inviting. So he joined them and spent time learning about them, about the Shades, and about Khalazdad the Black.

In a short time he learned a lot about Necrovion and even had been granted access to Outer Necrovion for a short period of time by the Dark One, Khalazdad the Black, but the more he learned and the more he found the less he felt like the Sentinels was his place. During his time with the Necrovion Sentinels he had focused on the possibility of using Time and Darkness to perhaps shift between locations, but the more he delved into that pursuit the more he felt the pull of the Shades, and he could not live with himself if he succumbed to the pull.

Once he had left the Sentinels, he sought out those who had the keys to wisdom and knowledge in MagicDuel. One such person was Renavoid, the Archivist. Others like him always inhabited the Archives and offered their knowledge whenever possible. Logan spent much time talking with Renavoid and the Archivists whenever he could, and soon realized he was more fit to try and join them.

Also, through talking with Renavoid and some soul-searching, Logan settled upon his perfect role. This role would become the definition of Logan Marquis and truly be the way he would be remembered throughout the history of MagicDuel. The Observer of Wills. Very few took the time to observe others, observe the way they interacted with each other, and more importantly observe the very world of MagicDuel. So it became that he had chosen his role, his place, his very essence. His pursuit was now for knowledge, wisdom, and to attempt to observe the world and all it had to offer so that he might TRULY understand it.


This is the beginnings of the story that is Logan Marquis and essentially is the Observer of Wills. More to come. Hope you all enjoy!

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