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[Golemus Golemicarum] Yrthilian - The Techno Mage


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Hi I am Yrthilian a Techno Mage.

What is a Techno Mage you ask?

Well the short description is a Techno Mage is one who works to combine Magic and Technology.

I have work long and studied hard to become what I am today. I have travelled a lot and spoke with many a person to get the understanding I needed to become the Techno Mage I am today. My story is long so I will not bore you with all the details right now but I will tell you some of it.

I have always had a fascination with Magic and I was always good with technology. I could always figure out how something works or was suppose to work. But I always wondered what would happen if magic was also used on some of the items I have come across. So when I was strong enough to explore distant lands and defend myself agents those whom tried to harm me. I started to explore the land.

I started as most of you have back in the paper cabin. It was not long after that I had gone into Marind Bell and learned much there and found Armour and weapons. Some of these items were already somewhat magical in a way as they did make one feel stronger and in some cases help one heal faster. This was proof to me that one could indeed combine magic and technologies well ok metal’s into something more powerful.

This was my drive to find out more. I continued on to explore and to talk with people whom all seemed to have great knowledge in their field of work. So far everything has been working out I was getting all the information I need and was learning much. I continued to explore as one never knows what one might learn just around the corner.

I entered Loreroot and meet many people there and found more items of power but I still had not found the people whom made these items and how they made them. But I was determent to find out how it was done.

I came across the MD archives now this is where I learned about the understanding of magic and how each principle worked. It was through my new good friend Renavoid I learned a great deal. I was happy for a long while getting my knowledge on magic but after a while I realised I still didn’t understand how to combine the magic. So I posed the question to Renavoid and he helps me in discovering the information I need. But this involved getting into Golemus. Now that was a task in itself.

I will not tell you how I came to get in Golemus but trust me I managed to find a way and if you are clever enough you will find it too. But don’t expect it to be cheap. It cost a lot to get the Golemus and it also cost other too in order for me to make my way there. That is something I hope to never have to do again. As a Techno Mage I learned a great deal from my time in Golemus and now I am trying to make my first item on my own. If I am successful then I will know I am a true Techno Mage.

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[quote name='Morquor' post='16446' date='Sep 11 2008, 02:30 PM']Love it, Lord Yrthilian of Golemus Guerilla. As a Technomancer, will you start experiment on making Golems? That would help the Golemus army a lot, i think.[/quote]

Yes Golems would be a nice addition to the army
but i am a Techno Mage my friend not a technomancer

I am sure there will be many new creatures in Golemus for the Golemus alainces to gain and use in our defence. I may even creat something to make the stronger yu never know :))

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