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NON-Agression Treaty with Loreroot


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Guerrilla Golemicarum and Guardians of the Root

Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression

This is a treat of knowledge sharing and Non Aggression, The purpose of this is to outline the terms to be agreed between the alliance of Guerrilla Golemicarum and the alliance of Guardian of the Root.

The terms of the Treaty is for both alliances to share knowledge in the art’s of magic and lore in order to help increase the skills and abilities of both alliances this could be done by having both alliances could meet on a regular basis and shear their knowledge in this area. This would also cover both alliances working together to share knowledge on the Shades currently considered a possible threat to all alliances.

The Terms of non aggression would cover both alliances not attacking each other unless the alliance members involved have given permission. This could be done under the same terms of the Dojo at the Marble Dale Park. This could also give alliance members the chance to learn new tactics and understand the fighting system better by discussing the fight afterwards.

It is the hope of having both alliances working together that may help to attract new members and hence help to repopulate Loreroot and Golemus. Having both alliances working on skill training and knowledge sharing this could make both realms powerful enough to defend their territory.


3 steps

First : one warning

Second : a penality (THis will be done by Wodin)

Third : kicked out of the alliance

Guerrilla Golemicarum Guardian of the Root

Yrthilian NelyaSetesh

Techno Mage Loreroot Nymph

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[quote name='Tremir' post='16452' date='Sep 11 2008, 02:41 PM']Last I checked, the MRs were not a part of the Guerrilla.
They have their own goals, and their own agenda.
I do not think that this treaty includes them.[/quote]

This treaty does not include the MR's
yes they are an alaince themselfs. But
they and myself count the 2 allainces as 1 alaince
I beleve the MR's have there own treaty with Loreroot.

To help clarify even though the MR's have there own alaince and guard Golemus
they are indeed part of the GG alaince and that info will be posted soon.

Techno Mage

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