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Loreroot Battle Tournament


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Tournament Description

This tournament is based on 1vs1 fights.

It will exist 2 categories:

• MP4 category

• MP5 category.

The only restriction is to have access to Loreroot.

The different fights will happen on Oak Fort.

The tournament manager is Eden. All the results will be sent to Eden by pm. One pm by fight. All flood will be followed by a tournament disqualification.

For MP3 category, if they are enough we will grant you the access to Loreroot only to participate to this contest.

Fight Rules

Each fight between A player and B player is composed by 2 rounds.

First round: A is attacking B

Second round: B is attacking A

At the beginning of each round, all the creatures will be healed and VE restore to max value for each player.

The winner of the fight is given by these scenarios:

A wins 1st and 2nd round => A wins

B wins 1st and 2nd round => B wins

A wins 1st and B 2nd round => the player who inflicted the most damage wins

B wins 1st and A 2nd round => the player who inflicted the most damage wins

The winner of the fight goes to the next stage.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will have a tree structure with 2^n participants.

All the players who participate to the tournament will be placed randomly in the tree.

Tournament Reward


hope to add another reward

Tournament Date

The first tournament will begin the first October 01/10/08


Send a pm to Eden or to NelyaSetesh, we will add your name to the list in this topic

Good luck for all the participants

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