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Research Log Of The Scholar Of Nature


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(more will be coming soon when I gain info on more of my research topics)

I am Udgard, a spirit bound to the world of MagicDuel, who chose to walk the path of knowledge.

I am a Seeker of Knowledge, and during my quest to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, I fell in love with the Land of Nature, Loreroot. My stay in Loreroot has made me realize that this world, this Realm we are in, is one full of mysteries, where the nature of everything inside it is unique, and most of the time, unchartered. I have chosen to dedicate my researches to understand more about the Nature of this Realm, learn their secrets through the History of its Creation, and ultimately, learn more of myself, which is also a part of this Realm.

Below, is the log of my journeys, where I have travelled, what I have researched, and what I have found in this unique and amazing Lands.

*The Golem of Principles*

When I first woke up in this world, I learned about the Principles that govern this world. After some study, a theory came into my mind, about a source of infinite energy that is theoretically possible using the Principles of this strange new world. This infinite source of energy opens up numerous possibilities, and I imagine that if a spell or an artificial construct can be powered using this energy source, the results would be incredible. So, I roamed the Land again, honing my understanding of the Principles, in hope of creating the Spell and the Artificial Construct. During my travels, I met two beings of great wisdom, Meiche, a Seeker of Enlightenment, and Ren, the Head Archivist. We got involved on a conversation about a Golem, an Artificial Construct made by Men. I spoke to them about my energy source theory, and they told me many, many things about the techniques of creating a Golem. They taught me many things that I couldn't possibly think of alone, and together, we built the theory for creating the Golem, using the Principles of this Realm. Now, me and Meiche, with three Summoners from the Artisan's Guild, is giving the Golem form, and soon, it will be alive...

*Research on Golem's Mill*

In order to find ways to improve the Golem of Principles, I have been conducting research on the Golem's Mill at Golemus Golemicarum. The mill exhibits a quality similar to our Golem; it could move by its own, without being controlled by anyone. If my research goes well, the principles of the Mill's operations could be used to improve the Golem of Principles.

*Search for Signs of the Moon*

The Children of the Eclipse, my fellow Lorerootian inhabitants, is researching for proof of the existence of the Moon and the True Night. To help with their research, I am doing observations on the water level of the sea of Golemus, namely on the Golem's Mill and the Ivory Lighthouse. So far, there hasn't been any notable movement on the sea level, but one thing I have learned about this Realm, is that Nature is unpredictable.

*The Land Defence Weapons*

Apparently, during the wars that happened on this Lands long ago, Weapons of great power was created to defend every Land from its enemies. One Weapon exist on every Land, namely Golemus Golemicarum, Loreroot, Marind's Bell, Necrovion, and No Man's Land. So far, I have only known two of these weapons; the Kelle'tha Cannon on Golemus, and another one at Loreroot. The weapon on No Man's Land is said to be destroyed during the Old War, and the Archives seem to have no such Weapons.

*The Power of Wish*

This Realm seems to be shaped, and probably was created, by the power of Will. During my travels, I found out about a certain object that exhibits how the power of Will shapes this Realm. This object is called a WishPoint. Like the Magical Scroll, it has no physical form, but it exists and follows its owner wherever s/he goes. This WishPoint seems represent a strong power of will, and can be used to power certain Powerful Spells, and can even be converted into matter.


Those with crafty minds has found that they can use the Magical Powers of this Realm to cast certain spells. These spells seem to be unlocked to those whose Mind has reached a certain level of Power, or to those whose mind is so unique that they stand out from others. There also appears to exist an even more powerful Spell, called the Inner Magic Spell, that requires a very strong power of will and great understanding of the Principles of this Realm to cast.

*Spirit Realm*

One thing everyone notices when they come to this world, is that physical combat doesn't seem to hold the power to kill others. However, Death is apparently possible if the WillPower of those who combat are so strong that their attacks turned into lethal. However, it appears that even if we die, our spirit still remains in this world. I can tell this for sure, as I have died and became a spirit. Luckily, somehow, I came back to life, I presume that it is thanks to Mur, the Demi-God. When I looked back at past events, I found out that this has happened before. Alche turned into a spirit before he regained a corporeal form on Mt' Kelle'tha. I also met Phrog today, and he is roaming the Land in spirit form.. Come to think of it, Marind is also a spirit. Spirits are said to gather on the Gazeebo of Chaos underground of Marind Bell. I will need to do more research there to find outmore of these spirits..

Udgard, Seeker of Knowledge, Scholar of Nature

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