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Don't bite the hand that feeds!

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Don't bite the hand that feeds you the old wisdom imparts, for gratitude reads harmony and kindness fills all hearts.

Yet remember every hand that gives can also take away, in the balance of give or take our true characters display.

But what of hands that feed with shadows cloaked of deceit guise, Offering substances laced with lies under the guise of being wise.

Beware the giver who gifts ensnare silver chains that bind a sinister feast with a benevolent beast reveals a darker mind.

Such hands weave a web of control with every morsel they provide, a game of chess with human pawns in the shadows they reside.

For every bite you take a piece of self you might unknowingly yield in this twisted game where the hand that feeds forces you to the field.

So heed this lesson not just in thanks, but in cautious discern for the hand that feeds can be the hand from which one must learn.

Beneath the cloak of charity sometimes hide intentions spurned and in biting not the hand perhaps its our own freedom earned 

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