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Fyrd Argentus memoir


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Fyrd Argentus, the pickle meister and quest creator extraordinaire

A beloved player among the community and will be missed. This is a small recording of his memorial. Any may say a few more words here if they wish.

To start off I'd like to say I did not get a chance to meet this player. However I have been looking around the realm and have noticed a lot of things he has done. I have tried a quest of his also I found in my homeland. I think Fyrd was a very brilliant player from the stuff I have read and tried of his. Personally I wish I could have met him. Now I'll end here for you to read words said during his memorial....


: Chewett bows

Chewett: Many of us are heading to Creative Creatives ❤️

Sunfire: you will be missed, old friend and mentor

: Mallos throws the dice and gets 3

jakubhi: I miss you Fyrd

Death Ray: I don't even know what to say, for the last 15 or so year's... we meet here on MD. And created a friendship and bond.

Chewett: Things change, things don't, but our friends are still here :)

Death Ray: One of very few long lasting friendships to be immortalized here in MD.....

jakubhi: I still remember the hangman word games he used to organise

jakubhi: I liked them

Invie: Goodbye, Pickle Meister.

Aksel: He really put in the effort into MD, handheld me around in early days and was always there to help and make new content. Was expecting him to show up any time now, quite sad

Chewett: He inspired questions, ideas, quests, and many other things

lashtal: His generosity was sincere, detached. He would spend days just to help someone run a quest. I was in debt back then and I will forever be.

lashtal: Thank you Fyrd.

jakubhi: gives everyone a hug* This is not a good night, but I wish you peaceful dreams

: Aamon starts taking notes to keep record of the memorial

Aamon: Would anyone care to share some words and or memories with Fyrd?

Aia: I am honoured to have known thee and to have worked with thee on so much. Thou wert truly one-of-a- kind in wit, generosity, and vision.

Aia: Rest in everlasting peace, dear friend.

:Aamon notes Asia's words

Aamon: Would anyone else have words or memories to share?

Aia: If there is one regret, it is that thou didst never see the likeness we created of thee in thine honour.

Aia: We shall miss thee now and evermore.

: Aamon records Aia's words

Aia: There is one last thing I should like...

Aia: Here is the last clicky that thou didst provide for me.

Aia: It is fitting that it is a lamp.

: Aia places the lamp at the base of Fyrd's pedestal

Aia: May it shine evermore in thy memory.

Invie: You were always ready to help out a fellow player. You welcomed many new players with your guidance and quests. Be sure that we will continue to guide new players to your garden.

Chewett: I will take an acoustic remains later

: Chewett: All I wish to say is that I am very sad :(

Aia: We all are, but let not that trivialise the weight upon thyself.

Death Ray: It was truly a blessing to have come across such a person. The impressions he's left behind with is will forever remain

chriselnenepr Notices he has arrived late

chriselnenepr: I simply want to share that Fyrd has been a great help to our community. He always encouraged players to take a more active role when it comes to participating in quests, creating them, or simply just tending to his bug garden

chriselnenepr: I am happy to have met the happiest pickle meister in the realm and the many quests he has created to further our enjoyment of the realm.

chriselnenepr: Although a bit sad some of his unfinished works may stay as such, but will forever be memories we will hold dear

: chriselnenepr Places some flowers near Fyrd's statue

Chewett: We can finish some of his plans I have some of them :)

chriselnenepr smiles

: Chewett: Goodnight all, I must rest

Chewett: I have posted the log as it stands, and will continue to log and post it

Chewett: Be well my friends

chriselnenepr: Be well and good night! I hope we can make some of those plans a reality Lazarus: Good night, Fyrd. I am grateful to have blessed by your presence all these years.

: Lazarus bows

Lazarus: Farewell

: Aamon notes everyones words

Death Ray: Heart breaking, im sure we all know he'd been in his element with the curret event going on. I was aware he was away. And tbh... i thought that it was him, as the voice...

Death Ray: Another thought, Magic Duel must have meant a lot to him considering a family member reached out to us...

Chewett: His son said "I know he loved playing and contributing to your game."

Aia: (It would be very nice to reply saying those who played the game loved him and his contributions too.)

Chewett: (/ sent a reply to his old email in the hope it is read)

Aia: (Thanks)

: The storm has blown Doitidort onto the Gafeway Island beach.

Death Ray: Not sure it would be appropriate, but, would be nice to sent his loved ones our condolences with a brief note from us


This is where I had stopped recording as RL things were going on for me. I wish to say if anyone wishes to say something in his memory please add to this. I wish his spirit well as I am sure many of you do.

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