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Sacing MD Creats


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We all know We can sac the creatures from the MD shop but if we do can we get a replacement

the idea is that if we could then people would be buying even more from the MD shop thusly helping the game more

Also with the new Rustgold Drachorn being released this thought came to mind.
Could there be a premium paid to bypass getting through 50 very valuable power-ups so they are not all wasted in a rush to get the New Creat?

this could be done by setting a short cut where you could buy it now (if unlocked) for anywhere from 2 to say 20 creds

anyway this again is
my 2c

The Metal Mage

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The point of the shop system is you have to go through them to get to the new one. That's the method of making some things more expensive while keeping everything $1. If you choose to rush and waste through those items...that's your choice. But you CAN get more of the creatures...if you have a shop reset. The creatures don't get cheaper though...except the joker I suppose..

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