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[Golemus Golemicarum] Captain Cryxus Of The Crimson Blade


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[color="#000000"]First, I would like to announce I am not doing a full life story, only the important parts, enjoy, I will edit as necessary over time.

[b][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]A Prologue:[/color][/size][/b]

A few years before Cryxus was flung into this world, he was renowned for his research into the human anatomy, and ideas on splicing animal influences into a human vessel. Because of this he was chosen by a largely unknown sector of the government to aid others, like him, in the development of an advanced soldier, one capable of animalistic feats, while retaining their human qualities. He would often find homeless, and vagrants to bring in to conduct his research on, more often than not they would be malformed, and would have to be disposed of. He did not like the thought of this, but he was being paid handsomely for his work for the first time in his life. It continued like this for quite a while until his coleagues brought a small girl of the age of 10 to conduct his research on. His stomach turned, and he ultimately decided he could not do this, depite the reprocusions. It was late in the night when he snuck out and unlocked the girl from her cell, and let her out. He promised he would be back to find her, and went back inside to retreive his belongings as well as his money.

He quickly found out that they were aware of what he had done, he was detained in the hall, and was shown to a cell of his own...he had taken the place of the little girl. He waited there throughout the night, fearing the worst, which undoubtedly came in the morning, he was shown to the lab table, and the proceded to expiriment on him, they used a wolf and spliced it's genes with his.

when he awoke from the expirement he was in "the box", as many experience when they enter this world...he is unsure whether he is dead, or in a coma, but he will not let that bother him. Why not play with what you are given?

[b][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]A Very Hairy Begining:[/color][/size][/b]

At first he appeared normal. As days passed he changed, he appeared in his werewolf form constantly, and had no way to change back, but he made friends easily enough, but he was rather distraught with his appearance. He delved into the arcane arts to remedy this, with the help of Master Saeiane he mastered his appearance, and was able to switch at will. As he found out he had arcane powers, he experimented, as he did, he realized he was connected to the trees, and plants and they would form to his will, he even found himself a forest spirit that he grew attached to, and it to him, her name was Crimson.

He had missed his old life...he missed the beach, he missed the sea, it was the only thing that ever seemed to ease his mind, ever since he could remember he spend many troubled hours watching the ocean, and he seemed small beside it, and this eased his mind. He longed for it, and since he was in unfamiliar territory he decided this was a chance to make his dreams to come true.

Many hours while he sat looking over the ocean, he thought about how life would be like to be the captain of a ship. He had studied many veterans of the sea, and admired the adoration they received, he knew he could become a great leader. He looked at his map and realized there was a vast body of water that surrounded. He talked to some of his best friends, Granos, Kandice and Innocence, and he decided he would make his own way yet...he donned his captains jacket and never looked back. He has since gathered quite the loyal crew, and he is proud of them.

He finally gained access to GG and has started his next chapter...

[b][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]The Sozzled Salamander:[/color][/size][/b]

It happened all very suddenly, the bar he frequented, The Wind and Rain tavern announced they would be leaving their location at Wind's Sanctuary immediately. He was compeled to follow, but he though to himself "without them here, who will tend to the people?". He told them he would be staying, despite wanting to follow. They left and made their own way, I hear they are still in bussiness at the Defensive HQ in Loreroot.

He summoned all his will to form the bar and furniture, and it left him exhausted, but only temporarily. He soon began hiring people to tend to the bars and such, and since then has never regreted his rather rash choice. With the help of Granos, Innocence, Pamplemousse, Xcercses, and many others, he has brought life back to Wind's Sanctuary, and is always willing to help when he is needed.

[b][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]A Ship in progress:[/color][/size][/b]

One day MRD was showing him the way around GG when he spotted it...just the place to build a magnificent ship to sail the seas and beyond, His forest companion agreed to be the spirit of his vessel, and he began building the ship from her essence, he spend as much time as he can here with his friend Crimson, almost abandoning his room at the Sozzled Salamander. The ship itself has been completed, now it only needs sails and rope, which i am currently working on...well until something unforeseeable happened.

[b][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]My Loyalty to Golemus:[/color][/size][/b]
It was with MRD that i was able to reach golemus, my home land, and i was estatic. Well, that is until i was assassinated by him at my pub. He brought me before the GG gods who explained to me several things including that they took my ship until I can prove my loyalty to Golemus...this shouldnt be hard, except they havent given me my tasks yet, and without some connection to my ship every few days, i begin to get ill. I hope they hurry...also once i gain favor in GG i plan on making my alliance, stationed in my homeland.

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