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Also, if you liked a specific aspect about the latest quest, please post that as well. We're trying to gauge the players on what they like, don't like, etc. So all opinions are welcome...

But if you flame or say "i hate it cuz my char isn't in it", well, expect to have your post deleted. We want CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, so if it IS negative, please post what YOU would do different.

Thanks :-)

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i loved the ideas so far, even though the picture riddle was really huge...
the riddle was old, yeah, but you're not supposed to google riddles, you should train your brain solving them =D
and sometimes the old riddles are simply the best^^
i wonder what's left to come...maybe a code like lady nelya used it in the first part of her quest back then, or a riddle like alche's that needs some creative solutions, or maybe a puzzle with numbers in the old "open the safe" fashion...
i hope you have some things left for bootes =D

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Unfortunately I can;t take Credit for the Puzzles/Riddles in the AL... Just like it states in the AL, I discover these Puzzles pretty much when Everyone else does as well.

I agree with lightsage, more Sporadic start times of the Quests... When I first checked the Forums for each one so far the Answer was already posted ... though it's good that people are that quick to jump on the Puzzles.

All in all I enjoy these more Public quests, and I might have to try and pull a few Ideas for future Puzzles together to help out those creating these...

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I personally apologize for the lack of difficulty in the puzzles thus far. The purpose, more or less, was to show what possibilities are out there, and to gauge the response they would receive. Actually solving the puzzles is important, because it actually affects the game.

With that said I think the understanding of why they were so easy does come into view a little more. I mean, I entirely agree. The riddle was VERY easy, however, I was happy with the amount of interaction that took place regarding it. Even though someone had answered it correctly within the first few hours, more than one answer was put forth before the thread was closed(a day and a half later).

As for the time of the posting of riddles, I will try to work on that with Ren. I realize they have been at around the same server time, and to ensure a chance for others, the next will be posted at a different server time. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter when they get posted, someone will always see it before someone else. Unfortunately, being in completely different parts of the world lends to that problem.

I assure you the next quest puzzle will NOT be easy, and it will take some thought. That is your heads up.

I do like the suggestions, though, they are giving me some ideas! :-)


EDIT: Also, in reference to the picture puzzle, I apologize. It was actually quite small on my screen. I totally didn't take into consideration different resolutions and stuff. WHOOPS! With that said, it was more for it's uniqueness than it's difficulty or anything.

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In the very near future, the quests are intended to be much more difficult. For everyone's delight, the thread with the quest involved with ALWAYS be open a MINIMUM of 24 hours. The quests are intended to be hard enough to take most of that time so everyone can see them. :P On top of that, I'm looking at possibly rewarding the one who solves the quest with the most clever answer... :)

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