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Alright, so here's the scoop. Sometimes there are going to be really hard-to-solve quests that aren't worth merely getting a "Congratulations!" in the AL. Those quests will be accompanied with prizes chosen by myself, and reviewed by some of the other Archivists. What I want to know, is what sort of prizes sound reasonable? I know you all want credits, or something like the luck skill, but those aren't reasonable to give out on a questing regular basis. So, would you rather more frequent quests with smaller prizes, or less frequent quests with larges prizes?

The prizes will be given to people the same way the "Congrats" is. Only, since prizes won't be given for simple quests like that sand riddle, we won't just be looking for the first person to answer correctly. There will also be some judging in deciding who answered most cleverly and completely.

I had wanted to start the prizes with this past quest, but none of you answered it fully... which can happen. If the quest isn't solved, that does not mean that the prize goes to closest runner up. The prize simply doesn't get rewarded, just like with RPC quests.

In addition to how often you want those quests, what sort of prizes sound interesting to you? Remember, there are more flexible prizes than simple credits...

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Not too big of a prize, something simple but abit hard and worthy to get.

Lets say...a medal? A medal that shows how many you have gained with a number next to it OR color change.

1-5 bronze
5-10 silver
10+ Gold

That is just an example btw, with a WP thrown into it:) or mb 5-10 credit when gold is achieved. Not too big, hard to get and something to look up to.

Now, to make it fair...since the AL questions...come in random times, everyone should have a chance yes? or we take the evil tactic, 1st one with the answer that is resonable? XD


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neg...that isn't so simple... especially because the quests are too infrequent for that. It'd take a year for someone to get a gold medal because first there'd have to be enough quests to earn it, and then you'd have to make sure you were able to solve it every time there. At the current rate of only 4ish support thread quests per main story, and each main story taking around 100 pages and 2 months time...well, you do the rest of the figuring.

Yes...I was considering wishpoints. They're simple and get people a more flexible prize than something like skills. But, I already told you that you can't have loads of large prizes. That's a no-no. It sounds fine and dandy individually, but then it sucks when EVERYONE has the same thing...then it's not a prize anymore....

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It should be Possible to give Small Boosts to VE and VP...

Also maybe Reducing Profile Exp (by Whatever # feels Appropriate, and by MP LV)

Trips to Necrovion of Golemus...

Just to throw some Ideas out. I'm too Sure of what the "Value" of a WP is, but I'm fairly Certain none of the Puzzles/Quests in the AL quite Warrant one...Yet.

Not sure if your Looking for a Range of prizes or One to give out Every time, but I suggest you go for a Range.

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Principle increase, depending on the nature of the quest, so only certain people will want to do certain quests? This can play a major role in RPing.

Could you create special items, swords, armor,etc...This can play serveral roles, to get a set you complete a certain type of quest(s), and its also like a medal. It will make people feel special if only a certain number of them were given and etc...

Maybe create a potion that gives you the option to give exp to a creature. This can range in size then from the servarity of the quest.

Unforently i am new and have no idea what wish points are..and i couldn't find it on forums, please msg me with answere.

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Wishpoints are like a type of money that can get you special things in the game..

I like your ideas, but they're too complicated. In the end, I can't make custom rewards for people who solve these adventures. It requires too much work out of Manu when he has so many other things to do.

But principle increases work

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thanks for the complement and the answere about wishpoints

...well the game will eventually even out
...then anything can be done
..future idea perhaps idk..

also perhaps a system of rewards as well...More quests u are [b]involved[/b]in(as in you don't even need to get them right..well perhaps a few) you get a count and eventually get some low prize.

i felt like posting that since some quests are hard...The Black, the white....i don't get what needs to be done or solved.....

perhaps a prize of a suggestion(resonable) to be made....or it can be made to be reasonable...(vp increase, a game skill, creature creation, or get name placed onto a creature....)I would love TheGreatWarMage to be the name of a strong creature...TheGreatWarMage casts XXXX...

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A prize that you can give that I'm /fairly/ sure you don't need to check with Mur first about is a negation-free answer.

So the person who solves the puzzle gets one question, and you have to answer it fully and completely.

I would suggest some boundaries for the question such as..

1. Must be specific
2. Cannot be about... Pillars of Harmony, or Mur's Number, or other things you do not want to answer but actually cannot for the sake of the game.

But other than that I would suggest making the question boundaries pretty broad, allowing for the question to actually be a good prize. The point is that the person who solved the quest gains knowledge.

Another prize could be an adventure log comment. The winning person is informed of what is happening, and then asked to make an adventure log comment. (of course it will say the winners name at the bottom). However, if the person does not want to make a log comment, perhaps they can make an announcement... not sure.

Once again, something you can do alone.

Something that requires the help of Mur, but perhaps a tag could be created, or using the new Illusions system, one could become a "Puzzle Master." I realize that is probably not feasible because the solver would need to also be mp2 or mp7... but still. Possibly unlocked, but unable to use until the person becomes mp2 or 7.

If I think of other ideas, I'll post them here.


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loosing xp the more dificult the quest the more xp you loose

giveng creature from the places that r not for everybody, like those quest that were giving a dragon (add more creature, maybe make some unique ones)

making youre VP ZERO (not the max you can have, just the vp you have on hand), i want this becouse there r people with -2 mil vp, I HOLD THE RECORD -3.2 MIL (it took me almost 3 weeks to reach this - i had -4 mil) :blink:

giving acces for one day to forbiden places like GOLEMUS OR NECROVIAN

giving clues to MD SECRETS

duble youre ve and vp gain/reg time

duble the skils you get for X fights

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These are all nice ideas that I'm taking into account. When quests with prizes turn up, there will be a note saying so, as well as a notice of what the prize is on the thread with the quest.

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So I assume whatever Character is in the AL "solving" the Quest (as in Me for the moment) will not be Eligible for the prizes?

I like awiiya's Idea about the Questions (though I'm not sure how well that will work in the Long run...), and the Idea about the Tag is actually fairly Easy, though a Puzzle Medal is far more Likely. Also from the Difficulty of the Last puzzle that Gave those Medals (the Broken Pattern Gazebo) it might take a Pretty Nasty puzzle to give out a few of those.

I look Forward to Seeing whatever get Thrown in my Way next :)

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