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Mass messaging Alaince members


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well yes that is the reason

as the chat can get lost under the alaince chat
and not all members are online at the time of anouncing something.

esp when beeing the leader and players jump to you and cant get back out of the location you are in
and get stuck for hours on end :D

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i would say that there should be internal page which can be seen only by alliance members and edited only by alliance leader, well mass pming could be useful too, but its annoying, since there is only one inbox and you need to rearrange it by your self, if there would be one inbox for alliance messages, one private inbox, one lho inbox, one rpc inbox, that would be much more better than current "advanced" messaging system, and a lot of things would work more efficiently

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I would approve of giving the ability to mass-message to only certain people.

Imagine Mass-messaging in the hands of I am Bored. We would never be able to open our mail again, for fear of it overflowing with spam.

RPCs, Alliance Leaders (who are all RPCs anyways), PWRs, and maybe selected mp5s should have the ability the mass-message.


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why would select mp5's get it? i see no reason other than spamming for adepts, which wouldnt be good, alliance leaders having it to send messages to their alliance i can understand, RPC's and PWR's i cant see a reason for having it either, if someone can...i'm all ears

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