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ritual integrety

lone zenji

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Ok so I got a tip that in order to gain losses easier I should make a ritual with two barren souls that defends against enemy attacks. They would lose every time, thus I could concentrate on forming better attacks. However, my defense ritual will not defend on its own. The integrity is only 2 bars.. does that have something to do with it? If so, what can be done?


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integrity is the number of creatures you have in the ritual, the fact you only have two bars is normal for the fact you only have two creatures in it

it will not defend on it's own? you mean a random ritual is selecected when you're attacked?

check both these options, is your ritual still intact? as in if you click to attack someone are you able to select that rit to attack with? if the ritual has been defeated and is no longer intact, then a random rit will be selected for you

and does the ritual have over 300 creature vitality in it? if your barron souls have less than that because they've suffered damage in previous battles, then again a random ritwill be selected

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