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Possible ideas for Inventory


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here is a short list of some items that could be used for the new inventory system and how some of them could be used .

Creature parts this can include skins, hides , bones, teeth, eyes , hair, and many other items ( i have used many of these kinds of things in making armour, weapons and jewelry for people in roleplaying quests already

also some trees should be able to be harvested fruits off of them and even twigs and limbs these can be used in potions, or making bows, arrows, staffs, and many other things for constructing (ie the new expansion build outs for the MDA)

and some of you know a garden has been in the plans for a while for this i would suggest seeds as an inventory item as well these could later be planted and much like creatures age the plants would age and be able to be collected by the one who planted them for tradeable items as well

also some items should be usable as in using part of an item (ie i have a silver bar and will be making some items out of it when i am done with it there would be no silver bar left only the items or the items and a lesser amount of silver left)

if you have other ideas on items that can be used in this New and very exciting Inventory items system please list them here

this also gives a rise for possible new roles people could take on like mining hunting, and gardening

Added: thief if some items could be stolen ... also priest or clerics could bless and or bind some items that could not be stolen or would return to the owner if stolen ...

feel free to list these ideas here as well

anyway this has been my 2c :good:

Thank You
The Metal Mage

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[color="#8B0000"]I think the owner of the inventory item should be able to do something with it...

Sort of Value Added...

Like If I had some paper, I could make an origami shape out of it, which I could trade for something more than just the peice of paper.

product + skills= value added...

*shrugs* Barter has worked that way for millenia.[/color]

[color="#800080"]Also, my additions to the list would include containers for holding things...

Say you have a box, then you can put something in it - like a ring or a stone -

Or you can get a vial (which has a lid - unlike stormrunner's cup :D:) ) and then you can put water from the fountan of dark vibrations in it - [/color]

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Well as i remember Mur did say this is the start of the inventory idea.
this will just expand a lot and i am sure he may find a way to let us creat items ourselfs.

This would allow for more divers items and for trading.
i dont know how the item if they were to have some special effects would be implemented
and how they would be managed or who would have the rights to add in the ablities.

i do recal that there may be a team set up for that.

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As I recall, the items will have no other interface other than the one for giving it to other people, so probably the items team will be in charge of taking away the items if they were used for making other items (so they would disappear).

As mur said, items will go in line with inner magic, it will not have any direct effects other than roleplay effects, thus creation of items imbued with strong abilities will require the same payment method as casting inner magic spells, which is wishpoints and/or principle points, etc..

I think these are very good ideas, but before implementing it we need to come up with a clear measure of the cost to make powerful items or else people will start making godmodded items..

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I am very wary of items such as jewelry crafting...

MD is supposed to be different then any other RPC game out there, and to me that is very similar to systems already present in many other games.

As much as I love inventories, we need to be careful of creating items that can be accessible to everyone. I think items should be given very selectively to very few people, and if there is to be a smelter for example, there should be one true smelter.

I would like inventories to strengthen roleplaying, not become another access of the game separate from it. If you would like to pick a fruit... just *pick a fruit*, I truly do not see a large need for objects for everything in game. Possibly eventually, but right now items should be personal.

Item uses I would like to suggest:

A crown, symbolic for the leader of an alliance. It can be taken only by someone in the same alliance, with greater loyalty, and by a victory in combat.

A key, able to be given to anybody, that opens the door to a place. An example of this would be a key to Sage's Keep.

I would suggest that certain items be able to be taken, and not just given. Items that work similarly to heads would make for some very interesting situations, not to mention an increase in combat. For example, a sword that increases stats. However, of course, there needs to be restrictions. For example, the person needs not just a victory, but a 100% to 0 % win, or some other similar defeat.

There could be items that act as books, and whose description contain links to a body of text, or you could create another action (read item). For example, a book of secrets about Loreroot, or a book about the Sun.

A few ideas, I'm sure I'll come up with more.


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As much as i like and appreciate the ideas you offer, i often find a flaw in your plans...

a crown would be nice indeed, but the sword would go to mp6 within minutes and therefore be pointless for all other players again (someone in an ally gets it, KB or MB or dst see it and grab it (you know they can, no matter what your def is) and all of a sudden, the sword is lost for all other players forever)

and as much as MD is different, there are not too many roles left... people can't become leader of necrovion or a discoverer of golemus anymore, those roles are gone, they can't be 'the great warrior', they can't be the greatest ritual specialist, even the weapon specialist and master assassin are already gone, there's just too little space for what i like to call 'good' roles...
nowadays, people have to become pub owners, jesters, blacksmiths, gardeners, jewelry-makers and stuff because most roles are already settled...
implementing a new alliance or guild is rather hard these days, too, as you can see on the example of the CotE...
so all that's left for people is to try and become someone who can 'create' items others can use in the hope to get recognized within the realms and get a real role, becasue that's what roleplaying is all about for the most here, to get an RPC with spells and powers and stuff, and then show off with them :rolleyes:

the times when people were recognized just for being there and got their roles because their papers were good have long since passed, today, everything is full of people in here, and you have to do something special to be recognized by the crowds, and that's easiest with items: 'uhh, were did you get that ring from?' 'it was a gift from *the blacksmith*' 'ooohhh, i'll have to meet him too...'
i can remember something similar with drachorn eggs, and that still works rather good, doesn't it? xD

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I agree that if the sword was made in way that allowed dst or other very strong members to take the sword it would remain with them forever, there are ways to make it slightly less desirable or make it more volatile.

For instance, a sword that when you hold it, it at first grants you an increase in stats, but the longer you hold it, the fewer stats it gives, until it starts giving negative stats. The Tainted Sword, if you would. Of course if you were to give the item away, and then give back, the negative counter should not reset.

This would create an item that has nice benefits, but can often become a burden.

And then imagine this, if you know someone has used the sword too long in the past, and you now possess the sword, you can fling it at them and then reap the benefits of their lowered stats. In fact, it is possible that instead of going into the negatives, when the sword stops giving benefits, it simply takes away ALL your stats.

Also, a quick way to ensure that high people do not take the sword is to place a Mind Power requirement on it.


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Just some thoughts here..
There are currently 3 types of items, personal and common items. The personal items are some that will probably never leave the person who has it, simply because it is tied too much with their role, such as, for example, Ren's quill, or MB's scepter (excluding the last time when grido had it..). Some others are a bit tied to a person's avatar, but still not role-attached enough to be non-tradable, and some others are simply common item, which would primarily function when they are traded (I've seen raw metals and herbs for making potions, etc).
I am in favor of the previous ideas where people can make items out of other items, and the implementation I would love to see is where the simlpe, common items are made with enough number of duplicates and are periodically replenished to the community through certain quests or even purchasable (I'll explain below). The people's goals are to obtain the common items they need, and then make a proposal to create items they want (most likely personal items, or at least semi-nique ones), and pay the price according to the quality of the items.
THe price can be quest points obtainable through quests (idea taken from braiton, check out his hate page), and this can as well work as a new kind of RPC rewards, seeing that wishies are now returned to its position as high-caliber rewards, and spell pages would only be givable once (well, gettin the same page twice doesn't give you anything more). Or, the points to pay for the creation of these items can be convertible from wishpoints at a certain exchange rate (1 wishy for 10 points, etc), or work as a combination of both (quest points obtainable from quests as well as WP convertion).

Well, just some ideas..

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if this is done right there would be [b]no god modding[/b] of any items available and yes along with the items needed i could see certain things that would be created needing WP as well this would keep these items down so not everyone would have them ... but if someone wants a mundane item and they have quested about to find the items they need and there are no bonuses for principles or stats going to the item the let it be and enjoy the roleplay if it ... and burns ... a jeweler(goldsmith) is not a second rate role nor is blacksmith or some of the others you mentioned when talking about the so called good roles ... a beggar if the part is played right is a great role and can add tons to a game ... every single role people tend to take to if played right can add to the whole :)


what im thinking is people who will have power to make items would have an interface like the illusion interface where we have a set number of points and a list of things we can use on the items like the principles and stats as boosters and we have say 20 points maybe more or less that we can distribute for said created items ..... that being said these items can be further boosted or decreased by mur or shoeps [i](note: there would also be a cap possible on stats and principle boosts so no item would have more than say 10 of anyone thing)[/i]

special items that were made with WP for example could be bound to a player so they could not be stolen ....

and i have a further idea which is on my papers for cursing items too this would go more in the lines of decreasing stats on items even to the point they could give negative stats

also as far as taking items this was covered in the main post under thieves and clerics

also im thinking we can give things to locations for people to find
like the rpc click items
assign the item to it so it is unlocked with the right word

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I have a few questions regarding inventory items. I've noticed that there are plenty of things floating around that could possibly make potions and such. Are there vials, pots, and such floating around as well? If so, and potions could be made, would the potions be able to be used?

My character is a shapeshifter/elementalist, and my Hearts' Blood (blood that is literally from my heart) can cure basically anything within seconds, no matter the wound or illness. There are restrictions to it, though. It can only be made that way with a certain venom which is fairly lethal to dragons, but can only be obtained from my Draiken form (tip of the tail). Mix it with my Hearts' Blood and you get a very powerful 'Healing Potion'. It is not proven to heal Darkened Souls (regarding a tale with SilverBlades and Mainnalle D Ashkera), and the heart must be still beating when it is administered. Otherwise, you'd get a rather ugly sight...My last question. Would such a thing as this be able to be a usable Inventory Item, like a potion?

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I dunno about vials, but I do have testtubes.. I think they will work the same. So yes, we can make potions, but the potions will be usable only storywise. It won't be usable to heal, say, your VE (though, you can RP that you use it, then heal the person you use it on with a heal spell to RP the effect into reality. I think the heal spell will be available when the wishshop is implemented. Just name the spell words into "potion of healing - xxx"). So, just like inner magic, it's use will come during daily RPing, and its full potential will come out during acknowledged story events, such as if you are involved in a story in the AL, or if another war breaks out and you decide to participate. You can use the item to force-alter part of the story to favor you, by using the potion to heal you completely when faced with a strong enemy, or if you don't want to use it yourself, you can simply lend/give it to someone who needs it in return of something you want from him/her.

Potion making itself shouldn't be too hard once you have the ingredients (I'm sure the item committee won't make it hard to make), but on your case, jazira, the hard part would be actually making the blood, seeing how powerful it is. Considering that a spell of similar effect, the Heal spell, costs a WP to cast and still requires the caster to have the 4 spell pages as well as the correct combination of principles chosen (and even then I don't know if it can heal all kinds of illness/disease), a cost of more than a single WP might be required. Such an item would definitely be worth it though, if you get some, I'll certainly be looking forward to trade for it =)

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i'm sorry if i didn't make myself clear, Kragel, i don't think that gold and blacksmiths, beggars, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, thieves, scientists, gardeners and all the other stuff are less important than those which i'd call 'good' roles, but they are soooo common...
you can get those in every single RPG on the planet, while some roles, like the explorer of Golemus, the sun and moon researchers, the leader of the shades and such things are deeply linked with the Game world and unique... that's the only thing that makes them [not better!!, but] more interesting and more involved in the game, while most other roles are just a means to achieve the end of having spells...

now, i don't say that those roles are worse than others, but when i compare renavoid, who is dedicated to the game and his role at all times without the slightest chance of getting spells for being the archivist, to any of the vampires and werewolves out there who write in their papers that they are vampires and then go bug people for a spell to weaken their enemies because they are soo strong vamps, or the blacksmiths who want to have the power to create items and give or take away items from people, i just feel the urge to have a distiction between those types of roles...

btw: i also think that raven has a rather weak role, so all you vamps out there are in great company with your roles :lol:

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Sorry, I didnt mean usable as in VE, just RPing :D

I dont remember who said it, and for some reason cant find it now, but it there was an idea of actually using items : a silver bar is used, and the silver bar is not whole anymore, or if its completely used, is gone. Like wise, if a vial of blood/potion were used, the vial would be either half empty or completely empty. I agree with this idea, because it makes room for more interesting ideas, to see who can make what with the limited items we have already. ((As for the healing blood again - there is one last restriction on it. You have to get the blood as close to the 'patient's' heart as possible so it can be pumped to all regions of the body. It's usually only used for dire cases :D Too God-Modd-ish? ))

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Well dear, the problem is that getting the blood as close to the heart is done through RP, and one just needs to RP that they are capable of such precision and it's done =)
No, it's not god-modding, in the sense that it is too powerful or anything, but it is a bit too powerful to be a normal item. Healing is a powerful tool, and one with such potency belongs in the rank of top-tier items, and therefore a same degree of price would be required or there will be a lot of people making similar items running around, ruining the story. Now, wars and dangerous quest won't be actually a threat for anyone if everyone can heal themselves from any wounds, thus removing their point. The item is actually a very good idea, and its existence would bring forth interesting RPs, but restrictions need to be made to prevent it from being abused by certain people =)

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Syntrophy Principle may be better, but I still like my idea too *grins* As for restrictions and prices, I havent the slightest clue, but I'm open for suggestions.

What about Property Deeds for the Inn keepers? I know there's the Root of the Matter Inn in Loreroot, and another Inn at the sanctuary, but I dont know who owns them. Also, keys for the rooms in the Inn can be given to the people who stay there, and can give the keys back when they leave. :P Although that's probably already been thought of.

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