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Access to Homelands


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In my early days as a Sentinel, I was annoyed by a rather glaring problem with the Alliance system. Why is it that some Alliances can visit their homeland freely (Loreroot, Marind Bell, and Archives Alliances) while the Alliances from Golemus Golemicarum and Necrovion cannot? To me, it seemed unfair that some members can freely heal themselves, while the rest of us are constantly hurt and penalized for not being in a place that we cannot even get to.

It is true, there are ways to go to Necrovion and Golemus Golemicarum, such as spells cast by Grido and Khalazdad, however there are problems with this as well. Khalazdad can open the gates to anyone, and cannot stop people from flowing in, as opposed to being able to selectively grant access to the Sentinels.. The leader of Necrovion, Marvolo, cannot even open the gates for his followers. Also, there have been times where I desired access to Necrovion, and Khalazdad was idle or not present, and I'm sure the same goes for members of the Fraternity and Guerrilla Golemicarum.

I truly believe that all Alliances should have the ability to visit their homeland freely. This problem can be solved one of two ways:

1. Give automatic access to Golemus and Necrovion to Alliances of the respective homelands.
2. Give the ability to a player to give the key to the gates (open the gates permanently for that player) to anyone (or you could specify and say any alliance member)

This is not a huge coding nightmare, I know for a fact that the mechanism for permanent keys to places already exists.


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There is a reason why necro and golemus are locked up... even though the pics there are great, it's a shame that most people don't get to see them =(

It's a bit unfair that we can't heal up for free, that's true, but if you want a free heal at willow's, you'll have to join SoE ;-)
But if you are a sentinel because you think that your role should be amongst them and nobody else, or becasue your friends are there or whatever reason you want to give, you'll have to put up with the fact that you won't heal for free... as i always tell people, alliances have drawbacks as well^^

and what do you want in necrovion anyway? enjoy the silence? xD
people don't get into necrovion because Mur doesn't want them to go there, as long as Khalazdad has the key to the gates, that will do, same goes for golemus (even though golemus members have a slight advance when it comes to getting in (jump to leader-button), we can't get out by ourselves and are trapped in there just like the mp2 until yrthilian or grido take us out again...)

and i don't think that you should get permanent access to a land by being in an alliance or by knowing the right people, that would open the gates to all kinds of abuse... i mainly think about loreroot and the lore critters there, becasue neither golemus nor necrovion have creatures implemented atm...

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as for giving auto access to homelands when you join the alliance, i'll say no, because then you'll get loads of players joining an alliance purely to look around Golemus or Necrovion, and then quit the alliance again, which annoys (well it does me anyway)

as for giving key access, there's are keys around you're right, but again you'll get the same problem, join alliance, get the key access, leave the alliance, and the access is forgotton to be taken away from the player giving them auto access whilst not being in the alliance

the places are *meant* to be hard to gain access to

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I really think you are underestimating the judgment of the players on this one. It is not that difficult to see who is loyal to the Sentinels and who is not, and if you would like more security, there are requirements that can be added.

In fact, the key could be coded so that when a player leaves the alliance they lose their key as well. This, along with a 50 day (in the alliance) requirement would stop all those wishing to simply get the key and then split.


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I gave healing as one reason, there are many others. The most important for me is a more emotional connection to my homeland.

Necrovion is naturally my favorite place in game, my homeland, and why should it be that I cannot access my home?

I have a sentimental loss when I cannot freely enter my homeland.

If you want other reasons, besides my emotional attachment, think of meetings. In all the other alliances that have access to their homeland, they have a place where they meet and discuss, a central location.

The Sentinels do not, and the places we do congregate are often in others homeland, and a sense of unwelcome is always present. Is it the burden of the Sentinels that we should never feel at home?


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look if ya have emotional connection to necro, tell khal to let ya in, and stay there :) i dont see whats the problem, or if ya like jump ins and outs, then work on your role, of well look its festival best time to do it, and then you may get ability to get into necro, oh well or choose right path in mp5 story mode, if you are that much emotionally connected with necro, then that wont be problem to pick right path to get in

side not: seekers have access to our homeland, but we cant have meeting in there :P so i should be the first one to ask for access to angiens shrine

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