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hey a nice idea about fighting


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You don't have to argue with yourself, you only have to give arguments in favour... And what would prevent people from getting loads of wins? They're not going to be attacked for their honour (and statreward)... And it'd make it to easy to gain honour for balanced people in alliance the max negative honour anyone would give would be -33 (if they want to gain stats) and they'd just massattack everyone gaining stats.

Oh and you have the new MP5's who're having a hard time getting wins (as no one will be willing to give those with this measure) and get way to many losses making them unable to get stats and them still not being able to get wins, making matters worse as they get attacked all the time. (easy wins there)

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1 you get more stats bonus having losses than wins currently so people purposely have losses that way.

2 if you are new to mp5 and cant get any wins there are areas to help that already

3 the object is to be balanced and so many mp5's aren't because they know they get better stats by having a bunch of losses.

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I didn't realize that having more losses gives more stats bonus.. I only gather losses because I grew tired of getting -200 honor everytime I fight when I was balanced xD. New thing to learn everyday...

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actually "more losses = higher stats" is not entirely true. its certainly easier to farm stats with many losses, [spoiler]since you can fight low casualty battles and still increase many stats in one battle[/spoiler]. but it can be more efficient if you fight battles involving high ve when balanced, [spoiler]since you increase the stats by a higher (up to double) amount[/spoiler]. it all boils down to:

balanced + high damage > high losses
balanced + low damage < high losses

i agree that having absurdly many losses is too appealing, but simply cancelling out stat gain (= the chance to get stronger) for those players with high losses is fighting one extreme with its opposite. i think higher benefits for being balanced and less bonus exp for high honor (= many losses) [b]and definately a cap for bonus exp[/b] (if there is one i havent hit it yet) would be a better way to achieve an overall balance.

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