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Treaty of knowledge sharing and mutual respect


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Treaty of knowledge sharing and mutual respect.

The object of this Treaty is:

•For the alliances to share knowledge in order to help increase the skills and abilities of both alliances.

•The increase and promote respect and friendship among the members of each alliance.

•The Treaty is enacted by *The High Council of Loreroot and the *The Ruling body of Golemus and is binding on all of members in both groups/alliances.

It is the hope of having both alliances working together that may help to attract new members and hence help to repopulate Loreroot and Golemus. Having the alliances working on skill training and knowledge sharing this could make both realms powerful enough to defend their territories.

With regard to attacking members of each alliance the following rules apply:

• Attacking alliance members during a time of war without permission is forbidden

• Each Alliance’s homelands are considered sacred ground. There are to be no attacks against an alliance member while on their homeland. The main entrance to each homeland is also considered to be part of each land for these purposes.

• Alliance members may attack each other anywhere else with the following exceptions:

o Alliance members should only attack others that are the same MP level
o Dojo rules apply in the dojo areas
o During the heads contest anyone with seven or more heads may be attacked. This condition overrules the conditions on MP level and location (i.e. MP5 can attack MP4 and in a homeland)

• Alliance MP6 players count as MP5 and they may attack MP5 players without permission, under condition that said MP6 players will not use any of their spells on themselves and/or targeted MP5 Alliance members, unless allowed by said MP5 player. Alliance MP6 players may not attack any other MP level Alliance players, unless said other MP players have expressly given their consent for such attack.

• These restrictions may be ignored provided that there is mutual consent i.e attacks may be between any MP level and in any location. Alliance members must not be reckless or assume consent. A clear statement or pre-arranged agreement must be evident. An alliance member could, for instance, use an entry in their log to make such a statement. Also, the decision of a player to consent to an attack is not an indication that future attacks are also permitted. Unless of course there is clear consent to continual attacks. (i.e. agreeing to allow person A to attack now, does not mean that person A may attack at another time. Nor does it entitle Person B to attack).


Members who break the rules of the treaty are to be reported to both alliance’s diplomats or other designated persons.

Each member or potential member of both alliances must abide by the rules of the treaty. A warning will be given for a first violation. A second violation will result in discipline by the offending parties leader. The third violation will result in the offender standing before the Leaders council to receive a hearing and possible punishment. All violations must be proven. No action can be taken without proof.

*The High Council of Loreroot is the governing body of that land and speaks for the Loreroot Alliance. The Head and Leader of said body, who also is the Head and Leader of the Loreroot Alliance, is the only one with the power to authorise or not the decisions of said body and Alliance*, **Children of the Eclipse, and the Savelite Alliance.

* The Ruling body of Golemus is the governing body of that land and speaks for the GG Alliance.

[b]The above treaty has been agreed to by the rulers of the 2 lands
this treaty os to be followed bay all Members of the allainces involved.

King of Golemus Golemicarum,
Golemus Technomage

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