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Things we forgot to put in the survey


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I wouldnt even know were still looking for one anyway. Are they that good?

Another thing about the Survey...I did it of course but it was with one of my lower Mp3 accounts. I didnt know that we could could only do it once so I answered questions related to that account....like Can you get into Loreroot...I answer NO...but I "Macnia can of course"....ah well


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if you want a more wider availability of getting drachys then you should have voted for story to get finished first.... becoz there will be one path which unlocks drachorn lair, same thing with torment souls, so one guys will have one creature type, others other type and so on

EDIT: there was a question if ya know what is mur, unfortunately idk what is mur so anyone up to explain me what is mur? but i know who is mur, idk what is mur

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what is 'mur': according to some philosophies, mur is everything, others say Mur is nothing, even others claim that there is a whole bunch of beings who have murry powers...
imo, 'Mur' is god, and i'm afraid that even though i know what a god is, i can't explain it properly...

maybe that's the best definition for a Mur: a thing of which you know that it's there, but which you can impossibly describe to another person... yes, that is a Mur =D

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lol, have you never heard that before? it is in Mur's papers....unless you're being sarcastic or whatever, which i can understand, i'm british after all, we live on sarcasm

try using an online translator :D

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