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[Loreroot] Amoran's Journal

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[center][size=5]The Dimensional Split[/size][/center]

[b] "I was of clay, and the earth had molded me, cracked me, and then destroyed me."[/b]
Amoran Kalamanira Kol is of an ancient, forgotten race of elven elementalists. Once royalty, her chance at ever becoming what she was born to be was stolen from her after she was captured by a spiteful creature of the earth. Her absence sent her once peaceful race into war against other civilizations. Her homelands fought, sending blame to innocents- slaughtering them for crimes they did not commit.

Her mind was free from the race wars, the creature that had taken her - a large stone beast, magically bound her to a willow tree that stood in the center of a ancient abandoned battlefield. She was unable to move away from the tree, her spirit was attached to it's roots, to it's soil. Trained deeply in the art of battle, her skill did nothing for her- she was bound completely.

The willow created the effect of immortality, Aged as the tree was as long as it stood and lived, Amoran would as well. Eons passed and still she was bound. Her patience and will had grown weak, Anger flared in her eyes. She would be free from the clutches of this being. Her will grew as the fire within her flickered, and she screamed the name of the beast- summoning it to the field. [b]"You will set me free."[/b] Her demands fell empty, the beast laughed aloud- refusing to do as she demanded.

For the first time, her eye color shifted- burning red against the paleness of her tattooed cheeks. The being stared in amazement, and after a long pause, decided to give her one chance. "You must solve a riddle to be set free, your answer will depend on your freedom." The beast's riddle was simple, complex, and confusing all the same. The beast had meant to keep her, but after many days she formulated an answer. This amazed the creature yet again, the being did not know truly who he had in his possesion. "You are still mine." The being's great rumbling voice echoed across the battlefield.

Amoran's anger flared, and she strained against her binding, using every bit of will and power left in her. Every bit of energy her life force could muster, until like a rubber band it snapped with the force of the strain.
[b]"I heard the vague sound of tearing, and the air was sucked out of my lungs. I felt the crack form, and I knew then that I was free- but at what cost? The after blow was like a thousand hammers of force hitting me at once, I felt my skin light with fire as cracks formed along my body. My senses shattered and split into a million different pieces. And as I knew the being fell as well as I, I separated and became two."
The three forces that caused such a tremendous tear in time left her in a vacant battle field, no tree in sight- staring up at a tapestry of stars and a moon filled sky. Amoran's limbs were heavy, her senses were dull- but she could still see. Slowly she turned, the heaviness of her body causing unnatural movement as her mind fixated on the odd warmth beside her. There next to her, unmoving was a mirror image of herself.

[center][size=5]The Binding of Life[/size][/center]

Upon entering Loreroot Amoran's body began to weaken. She felt her strength disappear little by little with every step she took. There was but one explanation for this. The willow tree that sustained her life had finally died away and fallen apart. Her body began to cool- and almost violently, she shivered. There was hope, however... Master Saeiane and Silver Renard were nearby, they could help her. They could aid her in finding a new source of life. Her struggle was painful, and every step felt like agony against her freezing skin. Only one tree called to her and it called so strongly that despite being on the brink of death, she was compelled to answer it's call. This flame, this light that screamed her name was the Oak Fort. A very large, very old tree who's purpose is still unknown. It rests in Loreroot, only a little ways away from the stone cave. She was able to be bound to this tree with the magickal help of Master Saeiane, and the steady help of Silver Renard's warming energy. Once bound, she fell into a slumber almost instantly and awoke the next day with a heaviness against her chest. There was still more to be done.

"The Oak Fort is my home. It is my place of peace. I rest there, swim there, eat there, live at the base of the tree. I protect the peace the tree offers and in return I live and continue on through the realm."

[center][size=5]After Math of the AL-"What is lost, What is found"[/size][/center]

Amoran wakes at the fort, her eyes filled with tears. An emptiness settles into the pit of her stomach and she begins to sob, searching for the comfort of her home lands- only to find that she cannot remember. Her hands shake and she wails, gripping The Oak Fort, crying against it's bark. The tree moves to comfort her, wrapping it's roots around her as if to give her a gentle hug.
The Fort speaks to her and she nods, moving away from it's gentle embrace...

She finds herself at the Tree, once named Bob- surrounded by comforting friends. Their help is meaningful, yet somehow seems to still leave her empty. 'I feel useless..' She thinks as she stares up at the sky. Kalamanira Kol comes to Amoran, and they both proceed to The Accursed Growth- each saddened by their loss of memory.

Amoran: *moves to the growth and kneels at it's base, reaching to touch it's roots*....
Kalamanira Kol: *stares at her other as the roots shift under Amoran's hands*
Amoran: *the roots wrap around her fingers, smaller shadowy vines sprouting to wrap themselves around her wrist*
Amoran: It has the same reaction to me as the oak fort...
Kalamanira Kol: *nods* as it should...
Kalamanira Kol: Though our personalities differ... our connection is still strong..
Kalamanira Kol: *kneels down to touch the ground around The Growth, more dark vines sprout and slink over to Kala's touch*
Kalamanira Kol: Perhaps..if we spend more time in the same location.. our memories will not fade..
Amoran: *glances up from Kala's hand and then up to the sky* Perhaps....and I hope that is the case.

[center][size=5]Creation of Dreams[/size][/center]
"I felt as though I was suffocating, drowning in a river of sadness. Emptiness was uncommon to me, and I shivered as my past disappeared. I needed comfort, I needed warmth. I was always cold, so cold- my skin felt like ice and my fingertips burned for heat. I could not tell if it was fear that gripped me, or a strange tingling sense of loss."

Dreams began to haunt Amoran once her memories faded. Her Other's anger flared, and Kalamanira Kol rampaged throughout the realm- causing her own bit of trouble wherever she went.
It was chaos in the minds of the split being, only in dream did they feel themselves.
Amoran began to dream of her past and each time she slept at the Oak Fort, she woke with an item near her resting in the grass.
First appeared a dagger on a thick cord, then appeared another blade. Each blade seemed to have certain abilities- limitations to what each blade could cut. Amoran's appeared to only cut others, it did no harm to her skin as it dangled from her neck. Kalamanira Kol's appeared to only harm herself and thus she stored it in the trunk of the Growth- refusing to carry it around.

[center][size=5]Dreams and Failure[/size][/center]
"Blurred images face me, I cannot see past them. They haunt me, shift me as the ebb and flow of the ocean against harsh rocks."
"My power grows, still uncontrolled- shedding the control of others in such a way that forces change within them."


"The man on the grid of red string dances through my mind, and items, now small stones- continue to appear after my slumber in this realm."
"Kalamanira Kol, my other, I have not seen in days.
I worry for this side of myself, and wonder what memories return to her in sleep."

"The images that come to me, so very sad- such emotion I must have once felt, now lost in the chaos and endless weaving of threads throughout time."

"Then there is Lucius, my dear friend, who reminds me of one I continue to see moving through my tales of sleep. I cannot approach him about it, I do not know how."


"The burning in my chest.. it is painful, I deny my nature- forge a blade against it. So I suffer and am blind to understanding why.
My dreams, the memories are getting worse. I choke on raw feeling, drown in it and awake to blood and gashes against my skin.

So unbalanced.... and still I deny myself."


"Mainn has aided me.. given me control, forced an anchor upon me. It helps.. I do not drown completely in my memories, yet I still tarnish my skin.

So unbalanced.... I must breathe soon."


"The scale has shifted, tilted in a direction I had never wished it to lean. I had meant to balance us, bind us closer...

"My love for the man of shadows has caused one side to weigh heavier. Thus Kalamanira Kol suffers for me, Logan Marquis suffers for me...
I know not what to do..
I tear myself apart for peace, I forge a blade against a dear friend for...

For peace."

[center][size=5]Shadows and Dust[/size][/center]

(still writing...)

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(Thank you for clearing that up Akasha, but unfortunately the Oak Fort and the Accursed Growth are mentioned in this passage, and thus are a major part of my role. And if you have not checked the adventure log before- Amoran's role is mentioned there, as is Kalamanira Kol's. Thank you again though for being careful.)

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