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I am, from the time of this post accepting requests to join the Savelite Church, I will list requirements for joining in this post along with what will be required of you, it may take up to 3 days to process your application so after applying please be patient and wait for a responce, if i have not responded after 3 days send the message again, thank you.

I also want to see proof of some of the points here in your papers, to display your loyalty to the church before you even join it. After applying please ensure that your public profile is open for me to view.

[b]We are the Savelites.[/b] Worshippers the great ghost Savelfuser and all that he holds true to.

Our church is fierce and will not be broken by slighted hand. Come to dissuade us, burn our churches and our bodies, the great ghost rose from the ashes to lead us to victory against any who oppose us, and we will rise as he demands us to, his voice echoing in every movement we make. He is always here, in our spirits, in our souls.

We are protectors, we are saviours, we are berserking warriors. Monks of love, of blood and of pain. Kneel before the beauty of the root and shed your blood to it’s cause if you care to pain it.

We are the kindness of needed support. The fire burning bright that passion brings. The thorn-ed rose so natural and caring, so spiteful and vengeful.

We are the Savelites, care for our church with reverence, let us keep that which we hold true to, pray to, and embrace, or cower in terror.

[b]RP Attitudes of savelites:[/b]

Serious in nature, kind and philosophical…until even one word against their beliefs is uttered, then very firm, confident and terse until if required they will attack en mass until the threat is annihilated.

Seen to be always kind to nature. If they want to pick a leaf, they say a prayer and ask first.

Extremely protective, violent and united when it comes to any offront.

On a daily basis they train and they pray, as a Monk should.

[b]Beliefs: [/b]

Savelfuser is the rebirth of a great warrior and leader, his words are gospel, his presence is religiously god like. He is to be respected and revered in every sense.
Root is all things, it is in all of us. Nature flows in all of our bodies, nature is what we are and who we are and is to be treated with the love it deserves, the attitude you would give to your creator if you met it.


One with nature they move like the wind, swift and cutting. They carry large sabres across their backs and wear simple clothes with a black cloak over them. They do not gather possessions, they are clean cut, immaculate.

You should apply via in game pm, you will need to convince me that you should be a part of the church to gain entry into it.

The following are the requirements for joining:-
[*]You must honour and respect The Great Ghost, Savelfuser, should he ever come again.
[*]You must know at least 2 of the current members of the Church, and they must give their recommendation for your joining. (This rule will get imposed when there are more members)
[*]When an invitation is sent to you, you must accept it within 24 hours, failure to do so will result in it being cancelled and will lay doubt in your actions.
[*]You will not invite anyone into the alliance, only the leader will do such a thing. If you feel someone should be invited speak with your leader about it. Anyone invited at random will immediately be removed. Any member seeing someone invited not by the leader should alert the leader immediately.
[*]When you join you must have loyalty lower than the member with the least loyalty or you will immediately be removed.
[*]As a member you must not go over 70% of the loyalty of the second in command – if you do, you will be removed.
[*]As second in command you must not go over 70% of the loyalty of the leader – if you do, you will be removed.
[*]All members are on equal pegging. No member is more important than any other. No members words are more important than any other – but, your leader is there for a reason. He is there to guide you and to ensure the alliance runs smoothly. If he makes a decision you can question it, but eventually when there is a divided choice- his say will be the decider.
[*]Your loyalty is to Loreroot. Those who would damage it are against you- even if they themselves are Lorerootian. There is no mercy for those who disrespect the Church – and all savelites are united in that. Slight one of us and they slight all of us. To the public eye we are a united church no matter what action we take or disputes occur before a leaders final say if one is necessary.

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