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99% of the time live chat is perfect, however whenever there is a big event and dozens of people all post at the same time, the chat is suddenly too small. Messages like 'stay on topic' are then repeated every minute because they fall off the screen that fast and people seem to need the reminder.

I therefore propose that the chat frame can be resized for such events. It can be made twice as high without interfering (at least on my screen resolution/browser combo) and if the friends/info frame is disabled (which would remove the attack button, but that kinda makes sense for a peaceful gathering imo) it can be about twice the width. That increases the text capacity a fair bit.

A way to change the organisers' text color to green during the event. I think that color isn't taken yet and there's shades of green that don't hurt the eyes.

Alternatively, large meetings could be held on an irc channel, but that would break the immersion and not everybody knows how to use irc. (and we'd need a nick protection bot)

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i dont think that expanding width will help, since lines are counted by entries if i remember right its like 12-15 entries, and if text is going into second line then you get bigger chat so you need to scroll but number of entries are same, only thing to do is with heigh

as for green, murry reserved it for his small announcements :blink:

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increasing the maximum entries shouldn't be more trouble than changing a single variable and it's not like text is the bandwidth eater, that should be pictures.

Not green... is pink taken?

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